Life-Ruining Harvard Professor Says You Should Eat Only *This* Many Fries in One Sitting (PureWow)

Have you ever read a news story so upsetting, so earth-shattering that you need to take a moment to process it all? 

We just did. 

The story in question? A recent New York Times piece in which a Harvard professor suggests that the appropriate serving size for french fries is…wait for it…six. Six french fries. The number after five and before seven. 

Eric Rimm, a professor in the departments of epidemiology and nutrition at the Harvard T. H. Chan School of Public Health, called potatoes “starch bombs” and offered up this kooky suggestion for how to curb your fry intake: “I think it would be nice if your meal came with a side salad and six french fries.” (Apparently the word “nice” means different things to different people.)

We’re all for portion control and moderation, but limiting our potato intake that much seems a little…harsh. 

Our takeaway? We’re probably not going to adopt a six-fry rule just yet, but we’ll certainly think twice about finishing every single fry (and licking the salt off the plate) next time we get our spud on.

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