What’s life been like since schools closed for COVID? How have you coped? Send us videos

Colleen Wright, Forrest Milburn, Lauren Costantino
·1 min read

When schools across Florida closed their doors around this time one year ago, it was only supposed to be for two weeks.

Students, teachers and parents in South Florida were catapulted into an experiment of fully remote online learning along with the rest of the nation, hoping it would be enough to stave off a not-yet understood virus and get back to normal.

But two weeks turned into a month, and a month turned into the rest of the 2019-20 school year. Parents struggled to balance work and supervise their children. Teachers made the best of it.

Though schools reopened later in the fall last year for students who wished to learn in the classroom, quarantines have jolted students and staff in and out of schools. Still, more than half of Miami-Dade’s students and more than 60 percent of students in Broward continue to learn from teachers they may have never met in person.

Everyone has had a different experience. We want to hear from students, parents and teachers in the thick of it: What has your life been like since schools closed for COVID-19? How do you cope? What do you miss, and what are you looking forward to when things go back to normal?

Record a short video — preferably horizontally — of yourself answering this question and upload it at the submission form below. Tell us if you’re a student, teacher or parent and how you get by in the pandemic. Your video submission may then be compiled and published in a follow-up story. Try to be as detailed as possible, and a reporter may reach out if they have any questions.