Life U graduate awarded 2023 Justice Fellowship with The Education Trust

Jan. 17—Life University announced that recent graduate Kareemah Hanifa has been selected as one of eight 2023 Justice Policy Fellows with the Education Trust.

The Education Trust is a leading organization in the effort to dismantle barriers in the educational system created by racial and economic injustice.

Their Justice Fellowship, launched for the first time last year, is awarded to people who have been impacted by the criminal legal system but have gone on to lead and excel in the realms of advocacy and education. Hanifa and the other seven Fellows, all of whom were selected through a highly competitive application process, will spend the next year supporting one another and meeting with policy and advocacy experts from across the country to grow and take their next steps as leaders, advocates and change-makers.

Throughout her time as a Life U Running Eagle, Hanifa has shown what it means to realize one's inner potential to thrive and benefit others, no matter where one is at or what barriers they face. As a Lead Community Organizer with IMAN Atlanta, she has spearheaded a campaign to restore voting rights for people on parole and probation. As a student and Reentry and Advocacy Leader with the Chillon Project, she has excelled in her schoolwork and modeled Life U's value of Lasting Purpose, supporting and empowering other students to transcend barriers and embrace their own abundant potential.

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