Life University Sports Information Director receives Small College SID of the Year award

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Jan. 14—Life University congratulates Sports Information Director Billy Mangum for his recent selection as 2020-2021 Small College SID of the Year by the National Wrestling Media Association.

The NWMA is a national professional organization for journalists who cover the sport of amateur wrestling. The organization covers Division I collegiate athletics all the way through to junior college level.

Each scholastic year, the NWMA designates two SID award recipents, one for NWMA Divison I SID of the Year and one for NWMA Small College SID of the Year. The NWMA Small College SID of the Year award recognizes a Sports Information Director of distinction that represents any national collegiate sports program not defined as Division I. Potential candidates are nominated by a NWMA board member and decided by a board vote.

"I think it's a huge honor to be recognized for an award, given that a lot of the time the sports information world is behind-the-scenes work—the long hours and working with the coaches, the athletes," Mangum said. "It's really humbling to step back, appreciate that and get the recognition for so many different things we do behind the scenes."

Along with Assistant Sports Information Director Coy Gill, Mangum plays a major role in highlighting the successes of the Life U Running Eagles for all 23 sports offered at Life U. This includes managing the main athletics website, as well as all social media platforms related to Life U Athletics. Team schedules, press releases, graphic design, coordinating photography, traveling to events for coverage and sharing information with other schools and outside media are all responsibilities of an SID.

Though technically the award is an individual achievement, Mangum is quick to point out that truly it is "a team award" and thanks Director of Athletics Jayme Pendergast as the "Captain of the ship," as well as his assistant Coy Gill and the Men's and Women's Wrestling Head Coaches respectively, Omi Acosta and Ashley Flavin.

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