Light House Bistro Feeds Thousands In Need During Coronavirus

Kristin Danley-Greiner

ANNAPOLIS, MD — Like many other eateries, when the coronavirus pandemic struck, Light House Bistro shut its doors. When the bistro was able to reopen, it altered its protocol in order to provide hot meals and pantry items to shelter residents and vulnerable community members in need of help. The bistro is an offshoot of The Light House Homeless Prevention Support Center and utilizes graduates of Light House programs to operate.

"Our operations had to dramatically shift and we are so blessed to have staff that jump into action when things get tough," said Light House Executive Director Jo Ann Mattson in a statement. "We adjusted our food programs to a fully outdoor distribution model, our community case management services are being done solely in outdoor spaces or by phone, and thankfully with the incredible support of the county, including County Executive Pittman, our partners at Arundel Community Development Services, the department of social services and the department of health, we were able to implement emergency procedures to protect our residents health, including moving half of our individual residents out of our shelter dormitories and into hotel rooms."

Light House Bistro has been preparing and delivering boxed meals daily to Light House residents in the shelter, in off-site hotel rooms and at their transitional housing properties. Light House Bistro also has been organizing thousands of pounds of perishable and non-perishable pantry food each week, distributing it during Light House pantry hours, and delivering it to other food distribution locations throughout the county. Boxed meals, pantry bags and basic needs kits are also being prepped by Light House Bistro and taken by case managers to local homeless tent encampments in the area. Light House and Light House Bistro have been providing thousands of hot meals and thousands of pounds of pantry items each week to those most in need.

This article originally appeared on the Annapolis Patch