Lightfoot lashes back at IG report on city's riot response

Mayor Lori Lightfoot defended Chicago Police Supt. David Brown after a scathing report about how police responded to the rioting and looting across the city last spring.

Video Transcript

CRAIG WALL: Lori Lightfoot said today that it wasn't just Chicago, but many other big cities that were caught off guard by the violence. But as she defends the city's top cop, one alderman is calling for him to be fired.

- Chicago was overwhelmed by rioting and destruction last May and June after the death of George Floyd. A highly critical report from the Chicago Inspector General putting Mayor Lori Lightfoot on the defensive.

LORI LIGHTFOOT: No mayor that I've talked to, whether New York, or LA, or Seattle, or DC, Atlanta, Denver, and the list goes on and on, expected what we all got, which was this massive civic uprising.

- The report called out the police department's response as marked by confusion.

DEBORAH WITZBURG: There were critical failures of leadership within the police department, which endangered members of the public and undermined members of the department.

RAY LOPEZ: And it's clear that the ineptitude, from the leadership of the department as well as herself, had a damaging impact on the city of Chicago.

- Today, Alderman Ray Lopez, one of the mayor's harshest critics, calling for police superintendent David Brown to resign or be fired.

RAY LOPEZ: He just doesn't get our city. He's not getting what it takes. And if he has to be fired or sent back to Texas, so be it. But we need to have some accountability, now, starting with him.

- Do you still have confidence in David Brown's ability to lead the department?

LORI LIGHTFOOT: I have 1,000% confidence in David Brown's ability.

- The mayor said the city has and will continue to learn from what happened, which she hoped was a once-in-a-lifetime situation. She called Brown "a leader with integrity."

LORI LIGHTFOOT: I can't think of another leader who said, let's look at what happened, what went right, what the challenges were, and then we're going to put it out for the public to review it. That's David Brown's leadership.

CRAIG WALL: Now, the mayor said based on the lessons learned from those riots, the city is better prepared to deal with potential situations like that in the future. Rob?