Lightning shocks Rockport Congregational Church's clock, bell

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Jul. 2—ROCKPORT — A bolt of lightning Thursday night caused Rockport Congregational Church's clock to go cuckoo.

The church's spire was struck around 7 p.m., according to the Rev. Derek van Gulden.

"It went right down the lightning rod," he explained. "It didn't do any structural damage that we're aware of. The biggest thing was that it set off a few alarms, which was easy to manage."

However, it seems the lightning bolt affected the spire's clock in some way.

"The town of Rockport clock is synced up with our bells, and the clock got a little screwed up," said van Gulden. "It was ringing at odd times and ringing for quite some time."

For now, the clock and bells have been deactivated. A mechanic will be coming to fix the system in the coming days.

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