Lights out for 'Earth Hour'

Cities around the world turned their lights off at 8:30 p.m. local time on March 27, to mark Earth Hour. The annual event, founded by the WWF, is meant as a call to action on climate change.

Video Transcript

KSHITIJ KAPOOR: The most important thing is that it raises awareness amongst everyone.

IAN TAN: That, you know, for us to remember that climate change is actually a problem.

KSHITIJ KAPOOR: It brings out the importance of what we should be doing for the earth, where we are headed. And by, by doing activities like switching off the lights, or turning it all off, it gives you a time to introspect, basically, to understand where we've been so far, what should be done, how much more should be done.

IAN TAN: One hour is not enough. I don't really see it as very significant, but maybe it is the right step towards awareness.

KSHITIJ KAPOOR: So while Earth Hour is a good concept in itself, it's not, it's not an end itself. There has to be a lot more that needs to be done.