Likely spots for extreme weather in Illinois

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Monday night, a tornado briefly touched down in western LaSalle County and another reportedly flipped a semi-truck near Springfield.

Why it matters: According to new FEMA data analyzing the last two decades, Illinois is seeing an uptick in extreme weather disasters.

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Go Deeper: The entire country is seeing more weather disasters. Although the Illinois numbers have increased, states like Kentucky, Louisiana, Oklahoma and New York have had more.

  • The worst spots in Illinois are out west, specifically Adams and Pike counties near the Iowa border. Both counties are at risk of severe flooding due to the Mississippi River.

  • Cook County isn't immune to weather disasters. The county has seen tornado activity and a new surge in derecho storms.

  • The best place to avoid weather disasters in Illinois? Champaign-Urbana and the counties that border Indiana.

What's next: The forecast calls for more severe weather tonight, so check for any relevant warnings. But also be thankful you live in a state with less damaging extreme weather than most.

Data: FEMA; Chart: Jared Whalen/Axios

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