Lil Mama And Alicia Keys Share Big Hug Almost 15 Years After The Rapper Interrupted The Singer’s VMA Performance

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Lil Mama, Jay-Z and Alicia Keys
Lil Mama, Jay-Z and Alicia Keys

Lil Mama and Alicia Keys have seemingly let bygones be bygones almost two decades after the rapper interrupted the singer’s 2009 MTV Video Music Award performance.

A video of the two of them hugging is circulating on social media.

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Like Keys and JAY-Z, who performed with the singer when the incident occurred, the audience was shocked when Lil Mama stormed the stage out of nowhere. Beyoncé tried to stop the rapper from crashing the performance, but her efforts were unsuccessful.

But according to the video, any animosity between the two is water under the bridge. In the clip, Lil Mama shared a long embrace with the 42-year-old in a surprisingly tender moment.

“LIL MAMA & ALICIA KEYS HUGGING??? The world is healing,” a Twitter user who brought the video of the platform wrote.

Some viewers are skeptical that things are cool between Keys and Lil Mama.

“Alicia when they were back stage with no cameras,” one wrote with a clip from Precious. 

Another added, “Did Alicia consent to this guy or did lil mama run up again?”

The rumor mill can stop churning ⁠— it’s all love between Keys, JAY-Z and Lil Mama. 

The “If I Ain’t Got You” singer told The Morning Hustle that she didn’t hold a grudge against the “Lipgloss” rapper for her impulsive move.

“To this day, I never knew she was even on the stage. That’s the craziest part of the whole thing for me,” she said. “I was on that stage. Jay was in the middle. She was on the other side of Jay, and I never saw her. Never. So that was wild to me.”


JAY-Z also expressed forgiveness to Lil Mama. During a Twitter Spaces discussion, he shared his feelings in 2021 and said he understood she was “coming from a place of love” and “may have been a little too excited.”


“Of course, of course. C’mon. Don’t do that,” he said. “That’s our sister. Man, we love her. I wouldn’t recommend people just jumping on other artists’ stages…. She’s a New Yorker. She got excited. Things happen.”

According to Vibe, the rapper caught wind of Keys and JAY-Z’s olive branches and extended one of her own.

“I appreciate hearing this portion of last night’s conversation. This has always been my stance, Love,” she wrote in a since-deleted tweet. “Love for both my big brother, big sister, and my city. It brings clarity to all of us as a community to actually hear these words from our legendary leaders.”