Lil Peep travels around the Belgian capital in new "Brussels" video

Lil Peep's 'Belgium' is the second track from the posthumous 'Goth Angel Sinner' to receive an accompanying visual.

The song appears on the posthumous EP, "Goth Angel Sinner," which Peep originally announced a month before dying from an overdose at the age of 21 in 2017.

The Fish Narc-produced project finally arrived last October, along with an accompanying music video for "When I Lie" that the late musician co-directed with his frequent collaborator Rayn.

A few weeks after the EP release, Peep's record label has unveiled the clip in support of "Brussels," which was directed by Mezzy.

The visual notably opens on a clip of Peep on an airplane for Brussels, in which he reflects on his musical career. It also features scenes of the late musician, who was born Gustav Elijah Åhr, performing live in packed venues around the Belgian capital.

"You don't expect any of this to happen, but you don't get here without working really fucking hard. So once you're here, you're like, 'F**k I've done so much.' There's been so many sleepless nights and shit that it took to get here, so you're not really surprised," Peep reflects in the visual.

In a statement, Meezy opened up about the genesis of the accompanying video for "Brussels," which is a "very special track" for him.

"We really just talked, and connected. We fed ducks with an old man who seemed to ignore us, probably because of Gus' look. Gus said he was used to that treatment, but the 'ducks don't mind.' That really stuck with me," he recalled.

The video for "Brussels" arrived a few days ahead of the new Peep documentary, "Everybody's Everything," which will hit select theaters on November 12 before getting a wide release on the 15th.

The film, helmed by Ramez Silyan and Sebastian Jones, traces the entire life of the late musician, from his teenage years in Long Island to his rise to stardom in the late 2010s.

In the meantime, discover the accompanying music video for "Brussels":

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