Lil Wayne blamed his no-show at Tyson fight on an ‘unrelated third party.’ Who is it?

Madeleine Marr

Woody Allen once famously said 80 percent of success can be achieved in life by just showing up.

That phrase stuck through the years, but apparently Lil Wayne didn’t get the memo.

The rapper who has a home in Miami Beach, says that he had every intention of performing at Mike Tyson vs. Mike Jones exhibition fight in Los Angeles on Saturday night, but backed out at the last minute.

The day of the event, which was to be broadcast on video platform Triller, Weezy sent a message on social media about his no-show: “Due to unforeseeable circumstances, I won’t be performing tonight at the Tyson/Jones fight. Hope the event is still a success and much love to Triller. Love.”

Snoop Dogg ended up saving the night, stepping in for Weezy.

Before you go thinking our man was having an existential crisis, there appears to be more to this story.

The 36-year-old Louisiana native is now saying his aborted trip was completely out of his control.

“Unfortunately there was an unrelated third party who attempted to insert themselves in the production process between the social app Triller and Lil Wayne the night before the event and the morning of and it unfortunately caused enough of an issue that Wayne couldn’t perform,” said a statement issued Monday by Lil Wayne’s camp.

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A source close to the situation told TMZ that the “third party” in question is a producer for the show who “interfered with Triller and Lil Wayne at the last minute trying to insert themselves and ended up creating a mess and all around confusion.”

Confusion. That’s a good word for it.

As for the Tyson vs. Jones match, it was declared a draw.

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