Lili Reinhart Clears Up Comments On Fallon, Says She Actually Has OCD

Jenna Amatulli

Actor Lili Reinhart has spoken out about the remarks she made in an appearance on “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon,” telling fans that she actually has obsessive compulsive disorder and that she wasn’t just making a joke.

Last week, the 23-year-old talked to Fallon about scenes in the film “Hustlers” in which her character reacts to stress by vomiting, and described how the magic happens behind the scenes.

“It was actually animal crackers and Sprite mixed together,” she told the talk show host. “I thought I was going to have a problem here because I have this really, like, OCD thing with floaters in water and drinks. Like, if my drink has a little floater in it, I’m like [gags], get it out. That’s when I want to throw up! So, having basically a cup of something that looked like ‘floaters’ in water was like my worst nightmare.”

Reinhart was later criticized on social media for the OCD mention, prompting her to defend her statements on Twitter:

In response to her clarification, many fans thanked and praised the star for her candor:

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This article originally appeared on HuffPost.