Lima Municipal Court shares progress

Mar. 15—LIMA — The Lima Municipal Court presented an update on the programs that are held within the court Wednesday morning at the Mayor's Press Conference. The court offers services including drug court and veteran's court to help individuals improve their daily lives.

"We look at people that are having severe problems," said Judge David Rodabaugh. "Those are the ones we try to address in order to get them moving in the right direction. We expect them to follow suit. If they don't there are repercussions, it's not that we give up on them. We give them another chance."

According to the court's annual report, there were 79 participants in the treatment court and 5 active participants in the veteran's court in 2022.

"The intention is to try and get them set up so they are obviously free from the addictions that bring them to us whether drugs or alcohol," said Rodabaugh. "Get them set up so they have a good situation with family or children and also so they are able to be employed in good and safe residences."

Rodabaugh said the results of the program are very rewarding. He said individuals who participate in the program are sometimes unrecognizable as go further along.

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