Lime removes its scooters from a dozen regions in attempt to profit in 2020

On Friday, Lime revealed that it would be closing up shop in 12 markets around the world including in San Diego, Atlanta and Phoenix.

In many parts of the world, Lime is pulling its scooters from 12 markets total in order to be "the first next-generation mobility company" to turn out a profit" -- unfortunately, that also requires cutting 14% of their workforce, American news website Axios reported.

While the company did make cuts over the past few years like its competitors including Bird and Lyft, this series is one of the most significant. The following are the areas that will be losing Lime scooters:

US markets:

  • Atlanta

  • Phoenix

  • San Diego

  • San Antonio

Latin American markets:

  • Bogota

  • Buenos Aires

  • Montevideo

  • Lima

  • Puerto Vallarta

  • Rio de Janeiro

  • Sao Paulo

European markets:

  • Linz

Along with these lay-offs, Lime's president Joe Kraus believes that the company will be able to earn a profit thanks to the improvement in scooter longevity -- which more than doubled from six months to 14 months -- that occurred in 2019.

Despite removing themselves from so many areas, Lime told Axios that they intend to expand to brand-new markets over 2020.