Lin-Manuel Miranda Helps Launch New COVID Vaccination Site For Members Of Broadway, Film And TV

A brand new vaccination site just opened for members of the Broadway, film and television communities. CBS2's Andrea Grymes reports.

Video Transcript

- Broadway is a step closer to reopening tonight. A new vaccination site is now open for theater, film, and TV workers. CBS 2's Andrea Grymes live from Times Square tonight with the news and all the excitement. Andrea.

ANDREA GRYMES: Well, Jessica and Maurice, this new vaccination site here in Times Square is in the shadow of all of these Broadway theaters that remain closed. But the mayor and others celebrated this new site as a step forward.

- (SINGING) Broadway.

ANDREA GRYMES: Listening to these performers gives us all a taste of what New York City has been missing.

LIN-MANUEL MIRANDA: This is the first live performance I've seen in a year and a half. So I'm emotional today.

ANDREA GRYMES: Broadway megastar Lin-Manuel Miranda on hand in Times Square with Mayor de Blasio to announce a step forward in bringing back The Great White Way. They toured and touted the opening of a brand new COVID vaccination site, specifically for theater, film, and television workers.

LIN-MANUEL MIRANDA: If you worked on Broadway or you worked off Broadway, you work in the theater, if you worked in the wardrobe department, if you were a stage manager, if you were a front of house staff, you're an usher, you are welcome to this incredible facility.

BILL DE BLASIO: One place where the community knows they can go and be guaranteed they will get a vaccine. The show must go on. And here in New York City, the show is going on again.

ANDREA GRYMES: Film and television has started up again. But Broadway has remained shut down for the last 13 months, not expected to return until at least September. The theaters, government officials, and unions need to work out a reopening plan that's not only safe, but financially feasible. Musician Emily Pecoraro is eager to get back, but knows it'll take time.

EMILY PECORARO: I think it's going as fast as it can. Everyone has to just kind of keep doing their best and plugging along.

ANDREA GRYMES: Broadway producer Holly-Anne Devlin helped organize this performance and others, all with the goal of getting back to normal.

HOLLY-ANNE DEVLIN: We've done many of these events outdoors to show people that we matter and that we need to be put back to work as soon as possible.

ANDREA GRYMES: I feel like I should be doing kick line coming out of that. But they sounded really amazing. And it's truly a sense of what is to come, hopefully sooner than later. Worth noting, this vaccination site has more than 150 arts workers working it, so giving them some much needed opportunity during this time. Reporting live in Times Square, Andrea Grymes, CBS 2 News.

- Nice to see a live performance. Andrea, thanks.