Lin Wood says he'll sue Rittenhouse's lawyer for calling him an 'idiot' for how he initially handled the case

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  • Lin Wood served as an initial attorney for Kyle Rittenhouse last year.

  • On Friday, Rittenhouse's attorney, Mark Richards, called Wood an idiot over how he handled the case.

  • Wood said he'd sue Richards over the comments in a letter sent on Saturday, Newsweek reported.

Attorney Lin Wood said he'll sue Mark Richards, Kyle Rittenhouse's attorney, after he called him an "idiot" on CNN on Friday, Newsweek reported.

In an interview with CNN's Chris Cuomo, Richards said he and Wood "went head-to-head" and Wood would probably sue him. He said Wood was an "idiot" for letting Rittenhouse talk to The Washington Post while he was charged with homicide.

Richards said he was concerned that Wood and attorney John Pierce were "basically trying to I think whore this kid for money, for their own causes."

"They kept him in Illinois to fight an extradition that was unwinnable cause they were raising tons of money on him," Richards said.

Richards served as Rittenhouse's attorney when he was found not guilty on all five charges brought against him on Friday.

Newsweek reported that Wood sent Richards a letter on Saturday blaming Pierce for allowing Rittenhouse to talk to the Post. Wood said he was not the criminal attorney on the case and was only hired to handle defamation.

"You publicly stated in an interview on CNN that I was an idiot. False, I am not," Wood wrote in the letter.

Wood said Richards should be "ashamed of denigrating" him and his organization's legal effort to help Rittenhouse.

"Demand is hereby made that you immediately retract and correct your false accusations against me. If you do not do so, I will prove that you are right on one point you made on CNN — I will sue you," Wood wrote.

Richards told Insider he hasn't seen Wood's letter yet but said he stands by what he told Cuomo and it was his opinion.

"I don't care what his letter says. What I said was truthful," Richards told Insider.

Insider could not reach Wood at the time of publication.

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