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    Great words to stand by Mr Graham! Perfect for now
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    Impeachment doesn't mean he'll lose his job. Clinton didn't!
  • J
    Context is everything here. Clinton lied under oath while nothing has been proven about Trump.
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    The Egalitarian
    Really? You need to research the truth! Wow Lindsey, how do you keep getting re-elected?
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    Graham is the poster boy for term limits. He won’t know how to vote now that his master Mccain is gone
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    it is still only Cohens word against Trump and Cohens word is influenced by trying to get a reduced sentence. There is no recording of this in existence.
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    Graham in 2018-Trump is having my baby.
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    Technically hes right since the Senate has the trial. He is actually staying the obvious. Impeachment is like a grand jury. Which is why if they dont get a serious crime on Trump it will die in the Senate no matter what happens in the house.
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    lock Trump up.
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    Oh oh oh look what yahoo found