Lindsey Graham predicts 'riots in the streets' if Trump is prosecuted for classified docs

Sen. Lindsey Graham on Sunday night claimed there would be "riots in the streets" should former President Donald Trump be prosecuted for improperly handling classified documents, a saga which culminated in the recent FBI raid on his Florida mansion.

The South Carolina Republican also detailed his belief that there's a "double standard" in federal enforcement "when it comes to Trump."

"Most Republicans, including me, believe when it comes to Trump, there is no law. It's all about getting him," Graham told Fox News Host Trey Gowdy during an appearance on Sunday Night in America. Graham also cited claims the FBI buried any investigation of Hunter Biden, before alleging there'd be "riots in the streets" if Trump were to be prosecuted for the classified docs incident. Trump later shared a clip of the interview on his Truth Social platform.

Asked on Monday how the White House would respond to the interview, Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre called Graham's remarks "dangerous" and noted that this was the kind of activity President Biden had been referring to with his recent "semi-fascism" rhetoric.

But some Graham critics were far more direct in their condemnation.

But other individuals, like Brietbart News' Joel Pollak, effectively defended Graham, who was not "threatening violence," but "observing that it is a real possibility."

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