Lindsey Graham says it's 'definitely not a Republican wave — that's for darn sure' as Democrats win in competitive races

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Lindsey Graham
Sen. Lindsey Graham.Kevin Dietsch/Getty Images
  • Republican Sen. Lindsey Graham said it's "definitely not a Republican wave" on Tuesday evening.

  • His comments came after some Democratic victories in competitive midterm races.

  • "It's not a wave for sure, but I think it'll be a very good night," he said.

Republican Sen. Lindsey Graham weighed in on his party's midterms performance as election results began trickling in on Tuesday evening, declaring, it's "definitely not a Republican wave — that's for darn sure."

"I think we're gonna be at 51, 52 when it's all said in done in the Senate," the South Carolina senator said during an interview with NBC News, holding out hope for the GOP's chances.

Graham's comments came shortly after incumbent Democratic Sen. Maggie Hassan of New Hampshire won her re-election against Republican challenger Don Bolduc, a competitive race that the GOP sought to flip in its effort to take back the Senate.

"If you run that far behind your governor candidate, you probably made a mistake," Graham said of Bolduc, referring to the state's Republican Gov. Chris Sununu, who won his reelection.

Democrats have also come out ahead in other contested races across the nation that Republicans targeted. Rep. Abigail Spanberger held on to her seat in Virginia against Yesli Vega, a challenger backed by the state's Gov. Glenn Youngkin. Sen. Michael Bennet in Colorado won his reelection against GOP political newcomer Joe O'Dea. Ohio state lawmaker Emilia Sykes defeated former Donald Trump campaign staffer Madison Gesiotto Gilbert in an open race for the state's 13th Congressional District, which was rated a "toss-up" by pollsters.

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"I think it was a referendum on Biden. If we take back the House and we get the Senate majority, that's a very good night. A wave would've been like New Hampshire and Colorado," Graham said.

Though plenty of elections still haven't been called as of late Tuesday, and control of the House and Senate is not known yet. Pollsters have projected Republicans to take back the House, but the Senate has been harder to predict. Republicans held on to Ohio's Senate seat being vacated by retiring GOP Sen. Rob Portman as political outsider and author J.D. Vance beat Democratic Rep. Tim Ryan.

"Hats off to the Democrats, they performed well in a lot of these swing districts," Graham said. "Couple days from now we'll know better. But at the end of the day guys, if we take the House and the Senate, we're gonna have to sit down as a country and figure out what to do with it."

"It's not a wave, for sure, but I think it'll be a very good night," he added.

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