Lindy's Donuts In Stockton To Close Doors For Good

The donut shop will be open for one final day on Saturday.

Video Transcript

- Well, all good things must come to an end. And a popular Stockton donut shop is closing its doors for good.

- CBS 13's Dina Kupfer with why the owners are hanging up their aprons.

DINA KUPFER: News of a bittersweet closure had dozens of people lining up outside Lindy's Donuts in South Stockton early Friday morning.

- Oh, it's the best. It's the best in town.

DINA KUPFER: After a 42-year run, Frank and Judy Ho have decided it's time to put the dough to rest for good and retire.

FRANK HO: Then go fishing.

JUDY HO: Go fishing.


FRANK HO: Take it easy. Enjoy the rest of life.

DINA KUPFER: Originally from Hong Kong, Frank and Judy emigrated to Stockton with their children in 1975. Frank rolls and cuts the dough, while Judy deep fries, all to put smiles on faces by the dozen.

- I've lived here all my life.

DINA KUPFER: Their key to success is one secret ingredient.

FRANK HO: It's a potato donut.

DINA KUPFER: Potato dough instead of flour, making it a heartier donut that lasts a little longer.

- Who also makes potato donuts in Stockton? I have to go all the way to Sacramento now to go get them.

DINA KUPFER: And for these loyal customers--

- I will miss them.

DINA KUPFER: --their mornings won't be the same without this one-of-a-kind sweet Stockton staple.

- Nothing's going to be able to replace it. None. Nobody.

- Favorite spot. Well, Lindy's is open for one final day tomorrow from 6:00 AM until noon.