Line of storms pushing toward Houston this evening

You'll want to make sure leave yourself plenty of time for the morning drive as it's starting out foggy west and southwest of Houston.

Video Transcript

TRAVIS HERZOG: After the line of showers and storms overnight get ready for some hot weather Thursday and another opportunity for strong thunderstorms on Friday evening. I'm chief meteorologist Travis Herzog with your 1-minute weather forecast.

Thursday is looking good. This front that's trying to blow in doesn't actually push through Houston. It does dry out the atmosphere, and that brings an abundance of sun and very warm temperatures Thursday afternoon with those highs hitting close to 90 degrees in our part of Texas, but a lot hotter out to the west.

Laredo getting up to 101 degrees. So the storms that move through overnight will be offshore out in the Gulf of Mexico. During the day on Thursday, we get an abundance of sun as the atmosphere continues to dry out. But it moistens back up Friday as the strong south breeze kicks in.

And then late in the evening, there will be a disturbance along with the front pushing through the eastern parts of Texas, and that will bring us an opportunity for some strong thunderstorms, especially north of the Interstate 10 corridor. There might not be much precipitation off to the south, but we will see a chance of rain Friday night into Saturday morning.

We are expecting that temperatures to cool off for the weekend a hair, but especially in the morning hours. You'll notice a big humidity drop once everything clears out on Saturday. The low on Sunday down into the mid 50s, with a high popping all the way up to 86 degrees in that dry air.

And then another cool front on the way next week. We're looking for that arrive about a week from now. And notice how that drops our highs into the 70s and lows into the 50s for a few mornings. There's not many of those mornings in the 50s left before the summer heat really settles in. I hope you enjoy the warm weather on Thursday, and we'll keep watching the weather for you.