Lion's Share recipients announced

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Aug. 27—RUSHVILLE — This week's Lion's Share winners have been announced.

Jayden McCord-Downs was nominated by Mrs. Nicholls, who said Jayden has really started strong this year. He is also highly motivated to get things completed! Jayden has worked beyond his goal everyday this year.

Bryce Millsaps was also nominated by Mrs. Nicholls. Mrs. Nicholls said Bryce is always willing to help. He recently volunteered to help unload the food truck.

Bryce is also great about helping with their furry friend Marty!

Kameron Daugherty was nominated by Profe Rosario. Profe says that Kameron volunteers in class and is very helpful to other students. He is also positive and engaged in class.

Araceli Leon was nominated by Mrs. Carmony. Mrs. Carmony said she is impressed by Araceli's kindness. Araceli took an opportunity to pay it forward for a student in need. She has a generous and kind heart!

Alexus McGuire was nominated by Mr. Marlatt. Mr. Marlatt said that a potentially poisonous and deadly wasp entered his room recently. While the rest of the class stayed clear of the intruder, Alexus moved stealthily and cornered the beast.

She smashed the evil miscreant with a shoe, allowing the class to continue unharmed.