Lion's SHARE winners announced

Jan. 25—RUSHVILLE — The Rushville Consolidated High School Lion's SHARE winners for January 20 have been announced.

Macy Blevins was nominated by Miss Sheehan and Mr. Orme. Miss Sheehan said that she was busy helping another student when she noticed Macy across the room helping someone else with a difficult task. Miss Sheehan said, "Not only is Macy a hard worker, she's willing to help fellow classmates succeed." Mr. Orme was proud of Macy because she chaired the Novice FFA Parliamentary Procedure team and motivated other members to be their best.

James Eaves was nominated by Mrs. Corum, who said James exhibits effort and great relationship building in and out of her classroom. James just started as a new student at the end of last semester, but he has jumped in head first into his new community at RCHS. He offers help without being asked, and James will help out his fellow students when needed. James works hard in his classes and shares what he has learned with some of his fellow classmates and teachers.

Katie Tabeling was nominated by Ms. Edwards, who said Katie is an excellent Science Department helper. Katie supports students and often brings laughter to the classroom. Katie helped put together and set up the science booth for Freshman Orientation and helped organize the workers. Ms. Edwards said Katie is a huge help and has a positive attitude and an affinity for laughter.

Jacob Lilly was nominated by Mrs. Kemple, who said Jacob was on fire this week in Spanish class! He was attentive, engaged and ready to participate. His effort in class is very much appreciated.

Jane Hall was nominated by Mrs. Lemmons. Jane heard Mrs. Lemons mention that she couldn't find the stress ball that she keeps on her desk. Jane went out of her way and brought Mrs. Lemmons a new one. Jane is thoughtful and kind. — Information provided