Lisa Davis: A grand old quiz

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Jul. 4—It's Fourth of July weekend, which means it's time for fireworks, and fireworks go "pop," which means it's time for a pop quiz! Below are 10 questions based on the naturalization test given by U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services. There are 100 possible questions on U.S. history and government. Those applying for citizenship are asked 10 of them, and must answer at least six correctly in order to pass.

kA 5:ClQ=ECQmkDEC@?8m'] %96 :562 @7 D6=7\8@G6C?>6?E :D :? E96 7:CDE E9C66 H@C5D @7 E96 r@?DE:EFE:@?] (92E 2C6 E96D6 H@C5Dn k^DEC@?8mk^Am

kA 5:ClQ=ECQmkDEC@?8mp]k^DEC@?8m (6 E96 !6@A=6 ]]]k^Am

kA 5:ClQ=ECQmkDEC@?8mq]k^DEC@?8m ~9 D2J 42? ]]]k^Am

kA 5:ClQ=ECQmkDEC@?8mr]k^DEC@?8m x? E96 368:??:?8 ... k^Am

kA 5:ClQ=ECQmkDEC@?8ms]k^DEC@?8m $A246i E96 7:?2= ]]]k^Am

kA 5:ClQ=ECQm k^Am

kA 5:ClQ=ECQmkDEC@?8ma] (92E :D E96 DFAC6>6 =2H @7 E96 =2?5n k^DEC@?8mk^Am

kA 5:ClQ=ECQmkDEC@?8mp]k^DEC@?8m %96 r@?DE:EFE:@?]k^Am

kA 5:ClQ=ECQmkDEC@?8mq]k^DEC@?8m |@?6J E2=6 @7 =@G6]k^Am

kA 5:ClQ=ECQm k^Am

kA 5:ClQ=ECQmkDEC@?8mb]k^DEC@?8m kDEC@?8m(92E 5:5 E96 s64=2C2E:@? @7 x?56A6?56?46 5@nk^DEC@?8mk^Am

kA 5:ClQ=ECQmkDEC@?8mp]k^DEC@?8m }@E9:?8j :E ;FDE D:ED E96C6 369:?5 3F==6EAC@@7 8=2DD]k^Am

kA 5:ClQ=ECQmkDEC@?8mq]k^DEC@?8m $:?8 2 D@?8 H9:=6 D:EE:?8 @? E96 DE6AD @7 r2A:E@= w:==]k^Am

kA 5:ClQ=ECQmkDEC@?8mr]k^DEC@?8m s64=2C6 @FC :?56A6?56?46 7C@> vC62E qC:E2:?]k^Am

kA 5:ClQ=ECQmkDEC@?8ms]k^DEC@?8m v6E DE@=6? 3J }:4@=2D r286]k^Am

kA 5:ClQ=ECQm k^Am

kA 5:ClQ=ECQmkDEC@?8mc] (92E 2C6 EH@ C:89ED :? E96 s64=2C2E:@? @7 x?56A6?56?46nk^DEC@?8mk^Am

kA 5:ClQ=ECQmkDEC@?8mp]k^DEC@?8m {:76]k^Am

kA 5:ClQ=ECQmkDEC@?8mq]k^DEC@?8m {:36CEJ]k^Am

kA 5:ClQ=ECQmkDEC@?8mr]k^DEC@?8m !FCDF:E @7 92AA:?6DD]k^Am

kA 5:ClQ=ECQmkDEC@?8ms]k^DEC@?8m (92E6G6C E96J 2C6[ E96J 5@?'E >2:4 DJDE6> :? E96 &?:E65 $E2E6Dnk^DEC@?8mk^Am

kA 5:ClQ=ECQmkDEC@?8mp]k^DEC@?8m %C:4:4D]k^Am

kA 5:ClQ=ECQmkDEC@?8mq]k^DEC@?8m '@@5@@ 64@?@>:4D]k^Am

kA 5:ClQ=ECQmkDEC@?8mr]k^DEC@?8m r2A:E2=:D>]k^Am

kA 5:ClQ=ECQmkDEC@?8ms]k^DEC@?8m p>2K@?]k^Am

kA 5:ClQ=ECQm k^Am

kA 5:ClQ=ECQmkDEC@?8me] (9@ >22?J &]$] $6?2E@CD 2C6 E96C6nk^DEC@?8mk^Am

kA 5:ClQ=ECQmkDEC@?8mp]k^DEC@?8m cbd]k^Am

kA 5:ClQ=ECQmkDEC@?8mq]k^DEC@?8m '__]k^Am

kA 5:ClQ=ECQmkDEC@?8mr]k^DEC@?8m %@@ >2?J]k^Am

kA 5:ClQ=ECQmkDEC@?8ms]k^DEC@?8m ~?6 =6DD E92? H6 ?665]k^Am

kA 5:ClQ=ECQm k^Am

kA 5:ClQ=ECQmkDEC@?8mg] (9@ 5@6D 2 &]$] $6?2E@C C6AC6D6?Enk^DEC@?8mk^Am

kA 5:ClQ=ECQmkDEC@?8mp]k^DEC@?8m p== A6@A=6 @7 E96 DE2E6]k^Am

kA 5:ClQ=ECQmkDEC@?8mq]k^DEC@?8m $A64:2= :?E6C6DED]k^Am

kA 5:ClQ=ECQmkDEC@?8mr]k^DEC@?8m !FE:?]k^Am

kA 5:ClQ=ECQmkDEC@?8ms]k^DEC@?8m r92@D]k^Am

kA 5:ClQ=ECQm k^Am

kA 5:ClQ=ECQmkDEC@?8mh] (6 6=64E 2 !C6D:56?E 7@C 9@H >2?J J62CDnk^DEC@?8mk^Am

kA 5:ClQ=ECQmkDEC@?8mp]k^DEC@?8m %H@]k^Am

kA 5:ClQ=ECQmkDEC@?8mq]k^DEC@?8m u@FC]k^Am

kA 5:ClQ=ECQmkDEC@?8mr]k^DEC@?8m x? A6CA6EF:EJ]k^Am

kA 5:ClQ=ECQmkDEC@?8ms]k^DEC@?8m $@>6 @7 FD ?665 E@ DEF5J FA @? E9:D BF6DE:@?]k^Am

kA 5:ClQ=ECQm k^Am

kA 5:ClQ=ECQmkDEC@?8m'_] &?56C @FC r@?DE:EFE:@?[ D@>6 A@H6CD 36=@?8 E@ E96 DE2E6D] (92E :D @?6 A@H6C @7 E96 DE2E6Dnk^DEC@?8mk^Am

kA 5:ClQ=ECQmkDEC@?8mp]k^DEC@?8m $@=2C A@H6C]k^Am

kA 5:ClQ=ECQmkDEC@?8mq]k^DEC@?8m x?G:D:3:=:EJPk^Am

kA 5:ClQ=ECQmkDEC@?8mr]k^DEC@?8m %6I2D 92D pFDE:? !@H6CD]k^Am

kA 5:ClQ=ECQmkDEC@?8ms]k^DEC@?8m %@ :DDF6 5C:G6C'D =:46?D6D]k^Am

kA 5:ClQ=ECQm k^Am

kA 5:ClQ=ECQmk6>mkDEC@?8mp}$(t#$ik^DEC@?8mk^6>mk^Am

kA 5:ClQ=ECQmkDEC@?8m']k^DEC@?8m pk^Am

kA 5:ClQ=ECQmkDEC@?8ma]k^DEC@?8m pk^Am

kA 5:ClQ=ECQmkDEC@?8mb]k^DEC@?8m rk^Am

kA 5:ClQ=ECQmkDEC@?8mc]k^DEC@?8m p[ q[ rk^Am

kA 5:ClQ=ECQmkDEC@?8md]k^DEC@?8m rk^Am

kA 5:ClQ=ECQmkDEC@?8me]k^DEC@?8m qk^Am

kA 5:ClQ=ECQmkDEC@?8mf]k^DEC@?8m qk^Am

kA 5:ClQ=ECQmkDEC@?8mg]k^DEC@?8m pk^Am

kA 5:ClQ=ECQmkDEC@?8mh]k^DEC@?8m qk^Am

kA 5:ClQ=ECQmkDEC@?8m'_]k^DEC@?8m sk^Am

kA 5:ClQ=ECQm k^Am

kAmk6>m{:D2 s2G:D :D u62EFC6D t5:E@C @7 %96 p??:DE@? $E2C] r@?E24E 96C 2E ade\abd\bddd @C k2 9C67lQ>2:=E@i=52G:Do2??:DE@?DE2C]4@>Qm=52G:Do2??:DE@?DE2C]4@>k^2m]k^6>mk^Am

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