Lisa Davis: Prepare for reentry!

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May 23—It has begun. I am fully vaccinated, and I am steppin' out.

I feel like a butterfly about to come out of my chrysalis. Actually, the better analogy is probably a bear coming out of hibernation.

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kA 5:ClQ=ECQmkDA2?mp?5 x E9:?x FD65 E@ 8@ E@ $E2C3F4m{:D2 s2G:D :D 762EFC6D 65:E@C @7 %96 p??:DE@? $E2C] r@?E24E 96C 2E ade\abd\bddd @C k2 9C67lQ>2:=E@i=52G:Do2??:DE@?DE2C]4@>Qm=52G:Do2??:DE@?DE2C]4@>k^2m]k^6>mk^Am

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