List of places not to take a woman on a first date is going viral

LOS ANGELES (KTLA) — A list of “unacceptable” places to take a woman on a first date is circulating on social media and sparking some backlash.

Los Angeles radio station Power 106 is one of several accounts that shared the viral list on X, formerly known as Twitter, this week. It’s unclear who originally curated the list, but it notes that “several ladies reached out to help” come up with the locations featured.

Many of the places listed are popular chain restaurants like Applebee’s, Chili’s, Olive Garden, Buffalo Wild Wings, Red Lobster, and the Cheesecake Factory. Other places include the movies, the gym, a bar, coffee or ice cream shops, a bowling alley, and sporting events.

With so many locations listed, some people are wondering where else they can go.

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Buffalo Wild Wings responded to the post, saying: “(Red flag emoji) if she doesn’t like wings, beer, and sports.”

ESPN analyst Stephen A. Smith was also up in arms.

“First of all, what the hell is wrong with Cheesecake Factory? Ain’t nothing wrong with Cheesecake Factory,” he exclaimed in a clip posted to X.

Some brands that didn’t make the list were seemingly relieved.

“We’re in the clear,” Shake Shack commented under Complex’s Instagram post about the list.

Dave and Busters also wrote: “Y’all know where to go now.”

Here’s the full list:

  1. Cheesecake Factory

  2. Applebee’s

  3. Chili’s

  4. Chipotle

  5. Olive Garden

  6. The Movies

  7. Your House

  8. Any Fast Food Chain

  9. Buffalo Wild Wings

  10. Wingstop

  11. Red Lobster

  12. A buffet

  13. IHOP

  14. Denny’s

  15. The gym

  16. Church

  17. Starbucks

  18. Coffee dates

  19. Ice cream dates

  20. Family functions

  21. Movie night (Netflix, Hulu, and etc.)

  22. Somewhere that requires a long drive

  23. Bowling

  24. Nightclubs

  25. Hookah Bar

  26. A bar for just drinks

  27. Waffle House

  28. Sports events

While restaurants are popular date night locations, choosing the perfect spot can be tough and perhaps even controversial (considering the list above). If you want to impress your date at a charming eatery, Yelp released a list of the most romantic restaurants in each state earlier this year, none of which are part of a major national chain. That list can be found here.

The most romantic restaurant in every state, according to Yelp

Location isn’t the only thing that matters, who picks up the tab is also a highly debated topic. Financial tech company Affirm surveyed 2,000 Americans in 2021 and found that 68% of respondents expect their date to at least offer to split the tab.

Meanwhile, a Lending Tree survey that polled more than 1,500 Americans in 2022 found that 54% of men believe the man should pay for a first date. Twenty-six percent of women said date costs should be split between the two parties. Additionally, 34% of Gen Z respondents said the person who asked the other on the first date should pay regardless of gender.

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