Lithium batteries caused at least three garage fires in Meridian. Here’s what happened

The Meridian Fire Department responded to five garage fires this month. At least three were caused by the incorrect storage of lithium ion batteries, according to the department.

Lithium batteries are rechargeable and commonly used in electric vehicles and portable electronic devices. The Idaho Statesman asked what kind of batteries caused the fires. Kelsey Winnett, spokesperson for the Meridian Fire Department, did not elaborate except to say that the fires were not caused by charging vehicle batteries.

The department responded to the latest fire on Thursday morning near Eagle and McMillan Roads. No human injuries were reported, but the family’s cat died in the fire, the department said.

When crews arrived on scene, they saw the fire was coming from the home garage and were able to put it out.

Meridian Fire Department put out a fire in the 2000 block of Meadowdale Street. It was the fifth garage fire in two weeks.

Firefighters with the Boise and Eagle Fire Departments assisted.

The fire department reminded residents in a news release that they should avoid charging lithium batteries overnight and without supervision.

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