Lithuanian Defence Minister: Ukrainians have more opportunities to develop offensive in winter than Russians

Ukrainian soldiers have more opportunities to develop an offensive during this winter that the Russian aggressor does.

Arvydas Anušauskas, the Minister of Defence of Lithuania, has stated this in an interview to Lithuanian outlet Delfi, European Pravda reported.

"Winter indeed means additional opportunities and additional threats. I believe both sides will use the opportunities of winter. But Ukraine has an advantage: Ukrainians are fighting for their own land. They know it, know their possibilities, know how to fight, and they can fight. I think if we compare Ukrainian opportunities to these of the aggressor's, Ukrainians have more chances to develop an offensive in winter than the aggressor does," Anušauskas said.

According to him, next year, the Armed Forces of Ukraine will receive even more powerful weapons that NATO countries have.

He has also reported that Lithuania planned to supply drones and other aid.

"We are thinking of how our defence industry could be used; maybe, it is not that big but it is still capable of something. Optical devices, laser sights, drones, including reconnaissance ones, etc.; that is, something that we produce. Some technological developments that we have are advanced, for instance, laser systems or thermal cameras. They give you an advantage in a battle… And we know that Ukrainian Special Operations Forces use it and have the advantage," the Minister recounted.

Background: Anušauskas has previously declared that a military threat for Lithuania that comes from militarised Kaliningrad Oblast [westernmost federal subject of Russia, which is a semi-exclave situated on the Baltic Sea - ed.] remains, but it is not very high at the moment, as Russia is fighting Ukraine.

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