Little Girl Discovers Joy of Flipping Over and Is Loving Every Second

An 18-month-old could not stop laughing at her home in Seattle, Washington, after she made the early discovery that gymnastics could be so much fun.

The endearing footage by mom Heather Fernandes shows little Harper sharing playtime with her twin brother Hudson. The baby girl, whose beaming smile says all, is seen repeatedly flipping over a cushion and landing onto a soft mattress.

“She just started doing it that day,” Hernandes told Storyful, “and the first time, we were worried when she flipped, not wanting her to get hurt, but she was cracking up and turned right back around and did it over and over, laughing every time.”

Hernandes joked: “If she ends up as an Olympic gymnast one day, this is going to make for some great backstory footage!” Credit: Heather Fernandes via Storyful

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