Little girl's heartwarming gesture for her hardworking dad goes viral

A little girl in China has gone viral for placing her jacket over her dad after noticing how hard he was working to plan the menu for their business.

A clip shared by People magazine on Instagram shows a man dozing off on his restaurant’s kitchen counter. The man, named Wang, fell asleep while working on the menu, according to the video.

His daughter sees her father sleeping and adorably puts her jacket over him to keep her dad from freezing.

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Wang wakes up and appears to start crying after noticing the little girl’s jacket on his back.

"He was so moved and burst into tears thinking of the difficulty of running the restaurant during the pandemic," the video’s text reads.

Instagram users praised the girl for her actions and the dad for providing for his family during difficult times.

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“We see you papa. You’ll always be her hero,” one user commented.

“Take a break, daughter knows you’re working for her,” another wrote.


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Featured Image via Newsflare / People