‘Little old ladies’ in church knitting group make festive hats for newborns

No matter what may be going on in the world, few things embody hope like welcoming a baby.

Video Transcript

LINDA AYDELETTE: Let the littlest ones know that they are loved before they are ever earthside.

- These beautiful babies are precious reminders that even in 2020, there's something to celebrate.

LINDA AYDELETTE: That's a tough time when you come home with your baby, and especially during this time. And it's just a way we can hug them. It's just a way we can hug them.

- A hug and a hat is what Linda Aydelette specializes in.

LINDA AYDELETTE: Little old ladies knitting and crocheting, watching TV, and it's just a way for us to send some love.

- Linda's affectionately referring to the other women in Alamance Presbyterian Church's Knit, Pray, Love Ministry. They make baby hats for the newborns in the Women's and Children's Center at Moses Cone.

LINDA AYDELETTE: We do pray for the babies and their parents as we're making items. It's just kind of seeing them in your mind and your heart of who they are and let them know that everything's OK, and you're not alone, and God loves you, and he is guiding us in this time no matter what.

- A batch of the latest creations were dropped off just in time for Christmas and New Year's Day.

VIVIAN LANGLEY: I'm so excited! Our babies are going to love these-- and their moms. Oh, I love the colors. Thank you so much.

LINDA AYDELETTE: You're welcome. Merry Christmas to you.

VIVIAN LANGLEY: Merry Christmas to you.

LINDA AYDELETTE: We focused on Santa hats and toboggans and elf hats and anything that was related to December. We also did Hanukkah hats as well.

- And snowmen. Baby Skyla looks picture-perfect in hers, a memory her parents won't forget.

VIVIAN LANGLEY: I spoke to a new mom-- well, a mom the other day that was a new mom, but she had a baby years ago. She still has her hat from many, many years ago. It's something that she kept from her first baby. So we know that's special, when they keep things like that.

- That's why the ladies knew they had to keep the tradition going.

VIVIAN LANGLEY: As a matter of fact, we've seen more product come in during COVID from our community volunteers. They've been very generous with their time and have made a lot more hats and a lot more blankets than I think ever before.

LINDA AYDELETTE: It's a way for us to know we're helping. It's a small way, but it's done with great love.

VIVIAN LANGLEY: Take care. Stay safe.


VIVIAN LANGLEY: Wear your mask.