‘Little Women: Atlanta’ star Ms. Juicy went to ER after cast fight

Jami Ganz, New York Daily News
·1 min read

There was big tension on “Little Women.”

Ms. Juicy, star of “Little Women: Atlanta,” got her face slashed last year during Amanda and Andrea Salinas’ brawl with Abira Greene, TMZ reported Friday.

The radio talk show host, real name Shirlene King Pearson, was originally trying to mediate the tension at Nouveau Bar & Grille last February, just weeks before the country shut down amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Juicy ended up in the emergency room after glasses were thrown and one hit and cut her on the head. She got both a CT scan and stitches.

Though the exact source of the fight remains fuzzy, things had been rocky between Greene and the Salinas twins leading up to that night, which just intensified the hostility.

Details about the fight were reported in the hours leading up to the Lifetime reality show’s Season 6 premiere Friday.