Liu Xiang and Ge Tian deny rumours of fake pregnancy

Liu Xiang and Ge Tian deny rumours of fake pregnancy

26 Jun - Friends of Liu Xiang and Ge Tian have denied rumours saying that the couple have called it quits after the Olympic gold medallist found that his wife has faked her pregnancy.

According to Tencent Entertainment, recently, a tabloid newspaper published an article saying that Liu has divorced his wife after family members found out that she has deceived them about her supposed pregnancy in order to marry Liu for fame and money.

However, Ge Tian's friends were quick to defend the actress, saying that the whole report was nonsense.

Singing praises for the actress, her friends stated that Ge Tian would never resort to such a trick to marry someone. One friend even exclaimed that it would be ridiculous for Liu to believe such a lie if indeed it was true.

However, the tabloid claimed that they interviewed Liu's trainer Fang Shuiquan, who allegedly said that the two were married because of Ge Tian's pregnancy.

When asked to comment, Fang denied it, saying that he never had any contact with the aforementioned tabloid.

Another rumour has surfaced saying that Liu's family have not consented the marriage, as they prefer women with "stable and traditional" occupation such as a teacher or a civil servant rather than an actress.

Both Liu and Ge have yet to respond to the rumours at the time of writing.

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