Live Concerts To Make A Comeback This Summer

Mike Augustyniak speaks with Paul Fletcher from Cities 97.1 to talk about five shows he’s excited to see on the summer concert calendar (3:45) WCCO 4 Saturday Morning - May 29, 2021

Video Transcript

- Throughout the pandemic, artists and musicians have been doing their best to keep us engaged and entertained. But none of that could replace the feeling of a live concert.

- No, but finally, now we have some shows to look forward to-- a lot, in fact. I connected with Paul Fletcher from Cities 97.1 to talk about five shows he's excited to see on the summer concert calendar.

PAUL FLETCHER: I have to start off with our baby because it looked like it was going to be canceled this year, but it's not. The Cities 97.1 Basilica Block Party is, indeed, happening September 10 and 11. So much like the rest of the COVID time, we're breaking out of traditions to make it happen.

- I think at an outdoor concert in September has the potential to be spectacular, honestly. That's our best month of weather, if you ask me.

PAUL FLETCHER: You would know. I actually can't tell you who's playing this year yet because we haven't announced them, but you're getting a sneak peek right now.

- When will you be announcing?

PAUL FLETCHER: I don't know that either yet.

- Oh my gosh.

PAUL FLETCHER: It's coming sooner than later.

- OK, all right.

PAUL FLETCHER: You're getting, like, super-secret information.

- I want to know. We all want to know. All right, so we'll stay tuned on the Basilica Block Party.

PAUL FLETCHER: Twin City Summer Jam is going to be back in Canterbury July 22 to the 24, and that's just you a country fest. One of my favorites, actually, Zac Brown Band, they're fantastic-- Carrie Underwood, Lynyrd Skynyrd. Think about this. You could actually go to a concert and yell "play some Skynyrd, man," and it actually be Skynyrd. That'd be pretty cool, right?

- That would be awesome. That one is when?

PAUL FLETCHER: That's July 22 to the 24. Then, if you'd like to go to a smaller club, the Turf Club is back open, of course. And Modern English-- you remember the "I Melt With You" song?

- Yeah.

PAUL FLETCHER: Burger King even did a spoof of it, I think, for an ad campaign once upon a time. That'd be cool. I looked it up too. It's the original members. So it's not like the guitarist and then a bunch other people. It's the actual guys in Modern English that have been doing it for years, so that'll be a cool show to see.

The Armory's got-- that place is gorgeous. We had an opportunity to see Pink there and I think Chainsmokers. It's gorgeous. And they've got a bunch. Their calendar filled up really fast. They've got a ton coming between now and early 2022, highlighted by Machine Gun Kelly September 9, one of my favorite bands, Need to Breathe September 24, and then Glass Animals in March of 2022.

And then, the newly platinum blonde Billie Eilish-- it's like, I'm 18. I'm going to color my hair whatever I want. You know what I mean? She's going to be at the Xcel Energy Center March 15, 2022. And tickets actually go on sale-- they went on sale yesterday, so it's available now.

I was surprised when I want to just go make sure I had my bases covered, and I looked at, say, [INAUDIBLE] site. It looks like business as usual. Again, I didn't look and see when the first date was, but it was 10 pages, and just show after show after show.

And one thing I really wanted to touch on-- Basilica Block Party's great. Twin City Summer Jam is great. Billie Eilish, the big show is going to be great. But let's not forget about [INAUDIBLE], Fine Line, Palace Theater, Turf Club, Fitzgerald. I just got goosebumps rattling off those unbelievable clubs we have in this town that haven't been able to do anything for a year and a half.

The Xcel Energy Center is going to survive. Twin Cities Summer Jam probably will be fine. But those little clubs have been out of work and haven't had anything to do for a really long time.

- So now is our time to help them. If you want to find out about the constantly growing list of concerts, just go to Cities 97.1's Concerts page. We've posted a link at