Live out your IKEA fantasies with a sleepover in this pimped-out ferry

Sleeping in an IKEA store isn't a totally crazy fantasy. It's something we've all probably thought about while circumnavigating the endless aisles of the Swedish store.

Now that fantasy is becoming a reality, and even better — it's on a boat. IKEA is creating what it calls "The Harbour Home," converting a Sydney Harbour ferry into a functioning houseboat, fully decked out with an IKEA interior.

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The furniture giant will re-design the historic Australian ferry's sleeping quarters, dining and living areas and outdoor areas, allowing one lucky punter to stay in it for a night.

Image: ikea australia

The houseboat doesn't actually exist yet unfortunately, but going off the above concept art, it seems rad. After all, how bad can sleeping on a boat on one of the world's most beautiful harbours be? 

Of course, it's not first time the pun-tastic furniture store has run a competition where people can win the chance to sleep on its furniture. 

You could book a one-night stay in its stores for a measly A$12 (US$9.21) on Airbnb back in 2014. The competition is running on IKEA's Facebook page, with entries closing on Oct. 5, so you better Hurrig