Live results: 2023 Essex County Wrestling Tournament

The best wrestlers from across Essex County have gathered at Codey Arena in West Orange for the annual Essex County Wrestling Tournament. Across Wednesday and Thursday, the county's best will look for bragging rights and a spot on the medal stand.

Follow along with live results as they happen. Refresh your browser page regularly to see updated team scores and results.

ANALYSIS:5 wrestlers who stood out at the Essex County Tournament

Final Team Scores

1. Seton Hall Prep, 342.5; 2. West Essex, 260.5; 3. Caldwell, 162; 4. St. Benedict's Prep, 118; 5. West Orange, 107; 6. Livingston, 102; 7. Nutley, 101; 8. Bloomfield, 98; 9. Belleville, 86; 10. Glen Ridge, 75; 11. Newark East Side, 71; 12. Verona, 64; 13. Columbia, 58.5; 14. Montclair, 46.5; 15. Millburn, 41; 16. Cedar Grove, 32; 17. Irvington, 31; 18. East Orange Campus, 21; 19. Newark Academy, 16; 20. Newark Collegiate, 11; 21. Barringer, 7; 22. Orange, 4.


106: Anthony Pellegrino (Seton Hall Prep) inj, def. Alex Esposito (West Essex).

113: Logan Brozozowski (Seton Hall Prep) Fall Matthew D'Arcy (St. Benedict's Prep), 0:55.

120: Andre Morero (Seton Hall Prep) Dec Thomas Ruane (West Essex), 4-2.

126: Carlo VanVolkenburg (Seton Hall Prep) MD Franco Graffeo (Nutley), 14-3.

132: Rocco Negron (Belleville) Dec Matthew Farley Jr. (Seton Hall Prep), 5-2.

138: Jason Quirk (Livingston) Dec Brandon Bauer (Seton Hall Prep), 5-3.

144: Anthony Barra (West Essex) inj. def. Nicholas Orejola (Seton Hall Prep).

150: Lorenzo Caamano (Caldwell) inj. def. Phenol Morlan (Livingston).

157: Mike Maglione (West Essex) Dec Jaiden Mendez (West Orange), 10-7.

165: Ian Flanagan (Caldwell) Dec Carmine Masi (West Essex), 3-1.

175: Anthony Cerreto (Seton Hall Prep) Dec Temuulen Mendbileg (St. Benedict's Prep), 4-3.

190: Arthur Rosu (West Orange) Dec Clark Rich (Seton Hall Prep), 7-0.

215: Rocco Salerno (Seton Hall Prep) Dec Chris Nigro (West Essex), 3-1.

285: Brandon Toranzo (Nutley) Fall John Stockelberg (Verona), 1:42.

Third Place

106: Oumar Tounkara (St. Benedict's Prep) Fall Sebastian Kristal (Glen Ridge), 3:35.

113: Nicholas Adams (West Orange) Dec Dominic Holler (Caldwell), 7-2.

120: Leo Tiankee (Belleville) Fall Jesse Wagner (Verona), 5:45.

126: Ethan Kerlin (West Essex) Fall August Katz (Columbia), 5:49.

132: Nick Basante (West Essex) Dec Rahjohn Plummer (Bloomfield), 6-3.

138: Joey Macrino (West Essex) MD Mac Davidson (Glen Ridge), 14-6.

144: Justin Barr (West Orange) Dec Michael Marzano (Bloomfield), 10-6.

150: Jake Ferry (Verona) Dec Chris Babcock (Cedar Grove), 4-3.

157: Chase Carroll (Seton Hall Prep) Fall Jurrod Hughes (East Orange Campus), 3:16.

165: Fernando Collado (Belleville) Dec Damian Torres (Bloomfield), 6-3.

175: Brett Molka (Millburn) Fall Ryder Smith (Glen Ridge), 1:37.

190: John Johns (Newark East Side) Fall Amro Salem (West Essex), 1:49.

215: Kenneth Yu (Caldwell) Dec Sterling Fernandez (Belleville), 4-3.

285: Nelson Clermont (Montclair) Dec Jack Tierney (Seton Hall Prep), 4-2.



Anthony Pellegrino (Seton Hall Prep) Dec Sebastian Kristal (Glen Ridge), 9-3.

Alex Esposito (West Essex) Dec Oumar Tounkara (St. Benedict's Prep), 11-7.


Logan Brozozowski (Seton Hall Prep) Fall Nicholas Adams (West Orange), 0:19.

Matthew D'Arcy (St. Benedict's Prep) MD Dominic Holler (Caldwell), 11-0.


Andre Morero (Seton Hall Prep) TF Jesse Wagner (Verona), 16-0 (2:55).

Thomas Ruane (West Essex) Dec Leo Tiankee (Belleville), 6-5.


Carlo VanVolkenburg (Seton Hall Prep) Fall August Katz (Columbia), 1:19.

Franco Graffeo (Nutley) Dec Ethan Kerlin (West Essex), 2-0.


Rocco Negron (Belleville) MD Nick Basante (West Essex), 11-3.

Matthew Farley Jr. (Seton Hall Prep) Dec Rahjohn Plummer (Bloomfield), 8-4.


Brandon Bauer (Seton Hall Prep) Dec Joey Macrino (West Essex), 7-0.

Jason Quirk (Livingston) MD Mac Davidson (Glen Ridge), 13-3.


Nicholas Orejola (Seton Hall Prep) MD Justin Barr (West Orange), 13-4.

Anthony Barra (West Essex) Dec Michael Marzano (Bloomfield), 5-3.


Lorenzo Caamano (Caldwell) Dec Chris Babcock (Cedar Grove), 1-0.

Phenol Morlan (Livingston) MD Jake Ferry (Verona), 19-8.


Mike Maglione (West Essex) Fall Jurrod Hughes (East Orange Campus), 1:56.

Jaiden Mendez (West Orange) Dec Chase Carroll (Seton Hall Prep), 6-0.


Ian Flanagan (Caldwell) Fall Damian Torres (Bloomfield), 1:07.

Carmine Masi (West Essex) MD Fernando Collado (Belleville), 10-2.


Anthony Cerreto (Seton Hall Prep) Dec Brett Molka (Millburn), 9-3.

Temuulen Mendbileg (St. Benedict's Prep) Fall Ryder Smith (Glen Ridge), 2:48.


Arthur Rosu (West Orange) Fall Amro Salem (West Essex), 3:37.

Clark Rich (Seton Hall Prep) Fall John Johns (Newark East Side), 3:09.


Rocco Salerno (Seton Hall Prep) Fall Sterling Fernandez (Belleville), 1:58.

Chris Nigro (West Essex) Fall Kenneth Yu (Caldwell), 3:19.


Brandon Toranzo (Nutley) Dec Jack Tierney (Seton Hall Prep), 10-4.

John Stockelberg (Verona) Fall Nelson Clermont (Montclair), 4:33.

Team Scores (thru Quarterfinals)

1. Seton Hall Prep, 213; 2. West Essex, 180.5; 3. Caldwell, 109; 4. Bloomfield, 84; 5. West Orange, 83; 6. St. Benedict's Prep, 76; 7. Nutley, 74; 8. Belleville, 68; 9. Glen Ridge, 67; 10. Livingston, 66; 11. Verona, 53; 12. Newark East Side, 45; 13. Columbia, 40.5; 14. Montclair, 36.5; t-15. Cedar Grove, 29; t-15. Millburn, 29; 17. East Orange Campus, 21; 18. Irvington, 19; t-19. Newark Academy, 11; t-19. Newark Collegiate, 11; 21. Barringer, 7; 22. Orange, 4.



Anthony Pellegrino (Seton Hall Prep) Fall Matthew Miller (Bloomfield), 3:28.

Sebastian Kristal (Glen Ridge) Dec Reid Ordower (Columbia), 11-7.

Oumar Tounkara (St. Benedict's Prep) Dec Carmine Sipper (Caldwell), 3-2.

Alex Esposito (West Essex) TF Christopher Cifelli (Nutley), 18-2 (5:42).


Logan Brozozowski (Seton Hall Prep) Fall Anthony Lizama (Bloomfield), 1:47.

Nicholas Adams (West Orange) Dec Christian Basante (West Essex), 9-4.

Matthew D'Arcy (St. Benedict's Prep) Fall Jared Van Allen (Columbia), 5:12.

Dominic Holler (Caldwell) Fall Patrick Chell (Nutley), 1:33.


Andre Morero (Seton Hall Prep) Fall Solomon Soriente (Caldwell) , 1:01.

Jesse Wagner (Verona) Fall Jose Martinez (Newark East Side), 3:22.

Thomas Ruane (West Essex) MD Merlin Dilone (St. Benedict's Prep), 12-1.

Leo Tiankee (Belleville) Fall Ethan Young (West Orange), 1:58.


Carlo VanVolkenburg (Seton Hall Prep) Fall Aedan Lopez (West Orange), 0:43.

August Katz (Columbia) MD Juan Millian (Bloomfield), 13-0.

Franco Graffeo (Nutley) Fall Jayden Lee (Montclair), 0:33.

Ethan Kerlin (West Essex) Fall Christopher Taddeo (Livingston), 1:42.


Rocco Negron (Belleville) Fall Edwin Cuaresma (Newark East Side), 1:30.

Nick Basante (West Essex) Dec Willie Kemp (St. Benedict's Prep), 9-6.

Rahjohn Plummer (Bloomfield) Fall Adin Fastov (Newark Academy), 2:45.

Matthew Farley Jr. (Seton Hall Prep) Fall David Kelly (Glen Ridge), 4:40.


Brandon Bauer (Seton Hall Prep) Fall Marco Cocca (Caldwell), 1:59.

Joey Macrino (West Essex) MD Jayson Turner (Irvington), 10-2.

Mac Davidson (Glen Ridge) MD Clayden Leybovich (Nutley), 13-0.

Jason Quirk (Livingston) inj. def. Joao Faria (St. Benedict's Prep).


Nicholas Orejola (Seton Hall Prep) Fall Adolfo Cadillo (Cedar Grove), 0:19.

Justin Barr (West Orange) Fall Derek Mingmongkol (Columbia), 4:41.

Michael Marzano (Bloomfield) Dec Alexander Diorio (Livingston), 4-1.

Anthony Barra (West Essex) Fall Jake Simone (Caldwell), 1:17.


Lorenzo Caamano (Caldwell) Fall Bertan Kurtsoy (Millburn), 1:05.

Chris Babcock (Cedar Grove) Dec Coy Aniche-Farre (Seton Hall Prep), 5-3.

Phenol Morlan (Livingston) Fall Michael Cetrulo (Newark Academy), 0:57.

Jake Ferry (Verona) Fall Nick Janish (West Essex), 1:54.


Mike Maglione (West Essex) Fall Nicholas Mignone (Caldwell), 4:14.

Jurrod Hughes (East Orange Campus) Fall Aziah Robinson (Irvington), 2:54.

Jaiden Mendez (West Orange) Fall Estuardo Lopez (Bloomfield), 4:47.

Chase Carroll (Seton Hall Prep) Dec Rory Subarsky (Livingston), 3-2 (UTB).


Ian Flanagan (Caldwell) Fall Sean Vilchez (Nutley), 0:35.

Damian Torres (Bloomfield) Fall Kwabena Abrokwa (Newark East Side), 0:51.

Carmine Masi (West Essex) Dec Evan Surmay (Seton Hall Prep), 8-1.

Fernando Collado (Belleville) Dec Facundo Serron (St. Benedict's Prep), 8-1.


Brett Molka (Millburn) Dec Peter Schauer (West Essex), 5-0.

Anthony Cerreto (Seton Hall Prep) Fall William Jennings (Nutley), 3:37.

Ryder Smith (Glen Ridge) Dec Joseph Jean Marie (Livingston), 8-1.

Temuulen Mendbileg (St. Benedict's Prep) MD Andrew Fonseca (Caldwell), 15-4.


Arthur Rosu (West Orange) Fall Leandro Brito (Bloomfield), 0:58.

Amro Salem (West Essex) Fall Ammar Mahmoud (Nutley), 1:47.

John Johns (Newark East Side) Fall Pedro Moura (Livingston), 1:48.

Clark Rich (Seton Hall Prep) Fall Jordan Brown-Davis (Montclair), 0:28.


Rocco Salerno (Seton Hall Prep) Fall Dermen Clerville (Irvington), 1:45.

Sterling Fernandez (Belleville) Dec Jesse Gibbs (Glen Ridge), 10-7.

Kenneth Yu (Caldwell) Fall Christia Morrice (Cedar Grove), 4:52.

Chris Nigro (West Essex) Dec Shawn Cartajena (Newark East Side), 7-5.


Brandon Toranzo (Nutley) Fall Joshua Schumann (Glen Ridge), 0:27.

Jack Tierney (Seton Hall Prep) Dec Gabriel McCulloch (Bloomfield), 1-0.

John Stockelberg (Verona) Fall Ryan Zamarra (Millburn), 2:22.

Nelson Clermont (Montclair) TF Theo Stewart (Newark Collegiate), 17-2 (3:32).

First Round


Anthony Pellegrino (Seton Hall Prep), bye

Matthew Miller (Bloomfield) Dec. Tommy Sica (Cedar Grove), 7-2.

Sebastian Kristal (Glen Ridge) Fall Menelik James (Newark Collegiate), 2:19.

Reid Ordower (Columbia) Fall Jordan Mcghee (Barringer), 1:04.

Oumar Tounkara (St. Benedict's Prep) Fall Dylan Alvarenga (West Orange), 0:24.

Carmine Sipper (Caldwell) Fall John Loudon (Verona), 2:41.

Christopher Cifelli (Nutley) Fall Juan Osorto (Newark East Side), 1:05.

Alex Esposito (West Essex) Fall James Bonardi (Livingston), 1:40.


Logan Brozozowski (Seton Hall Prep) Fall Christopher Belcuore (Livingston), 1:38.

Anthony Lizama (Bloomfield) Dec. Aaron Amici (Glen Ridge), 7-5.

Christian Basante (West Essex) Fall Raymond Ponce-Oliver (Newark Collegiate), 1:47.

Nicholas Adams (West Orange) Fall Kenneth Powell (Montclair), 2:56.

Matthew D'Arcy (St. Benedict's Prep) Fall Rocco Russomanno (Belleville), 1:08.

Jared Van Allen (Columbia) T.F. Arlenson Mendrana (Newark East Side), 22-5 (2:50).

Patrick Chell (Nutley) Fall Richie Galioto (Cedar Grove), 4:26.

Dominic Holler (Caldwell) Fall Jason Santiago (Orange), 0:37.


Andre Morero (Seton Hall Prep) Fall Maguelso Pierre (Orange), 0:43.

Solomon Soriente (Caldwell) Fall Noah Silber (Millburn), 3:58.

Jesse Wagner (Verona) Dec Jesus Rivera (Newark Collegiate), 13-6.

Jose Martinez (Newark East Side) Fall Jackson Flores (Newark Academy), 0:23.

Thomas Ruane (West Essex) Fall Derrick Crutcher (Barringer), 0:35.

Merlin Dilone (St. Benedict's Prep) Dec Jacob Harlow (Nutley), 8-2.

Ethan Young (West Orange) Fall Jerry D'Alessio (Cedar Grove), 6:54.

Leo Tiankee (Belleville) Fall Salvatore Rosa (Livingston), 2:41.


Carlo VanVolkenburg (Seton Hall Prep) Fall Matthew Reis (Newark East Side), 0:46.

Aedan Lopez (West Orange) Fall Eric Figueroa (Newark Collegiate), 2:28.

Juan Millian (Bloomfield) Fall Jerome Johnson (East Orange Campus), 1:16.

August Katz (Columbia) Fall Rocco Conforti (Caldwell), 3:05.

Franco Graffeo (Nutley) Fall Christian Chevrin (St. Benedict's Prep), 1:15.

Jayden Lee (Montclair) Dec Gerard Immersi (Cedar Grove), 8-7.

Christopher Taddeo (Livingston) Fall Luke Olczak (Glen Ridge), 5:52.

Ethan Kerlin (West Essex) Fall Daniel San Martin (Belleville), 1:47.


Rocco Negron (Belleville) Fall Jordan Orland (Caldwell), 0:57.

Edwin Cuaresma (Newark East Side) Fall Matthew Nocerino (Nutley), 1:50.

Willie Kemp (St. Benedict's Prep) Fall Jairo Carchi (Orange), 2:44.

Nick Basante (West Essex) Fall Pierce Asfalg (Cedar Grove), 4:49.

Rahjohn Plummer (Bloomfield) Fall Nicolae Stanescue (Verona), 4:39.

Adin Fastov (Newark Academy) MD Jonathan Mason Jr. (West Orange), 11-3.

David Kelly (Glen Ridge) Fall Timothy Howell (Newark Collegiate), 2:49.

Matthew Farley Jr. (Seton Hall Prep) Fall Abdul Ahmed (Livingston), 1:34.


Brandon Bauer (Seton Hall Prep) Fall Adrian Kim (East Orange Campus), 2:53.

Marco Cocca (Caldwell) Dec Charlie Fjeldal (Verona), 9-5.

Joey Macrino (West Essex) Fall Orlin Solarzano (Newark East Side), 3:33.

Jayson Turner (Irvington) Fall Luis Suriel (Bloomfield), 3:51.

Mac Davidson (Glen Ridge) Fall CaMoore Jones (Orange), 4:03.

Clayden Leybovich (Nutley) Fall Cameron Wright (Newark Academy), 5:26.

Joao Faria (St. Benedict's Prep) Fall Gideon Tsoutsouris (Millburn), 5:30.

Jason Quirk (Livingston) Fall Brandon Torres (West Orange), 1:25.


Nicholas Orejola (Seton Hal Prep) Fall Nyzairh Williams (Newark Collegiate), 1:10.

Adolfo Cadillo (Cedar Grove) Fall Luke Talbert (Millburn), 1:59.

Justin Barr (West Orange) Fall Alexander Balsera (Newark Collegiate), 5:02.

Derek Mingmongkol (Columbia) Fall Matthew Padilla (St. Benedict's Prep), 0:45.

Michael Marzano (Bloomfield) Fall Logan Knoetig (Verona), 2:40.

Alexander Diorio (Livingston) Fall Wilian Roca (Orange), 2:26.

Jake Simone (Caldwell) Fall Saayan Kalra (Glen Ridge), 3:33.

Anthony Barra (West Essex) Fall Ethan Pinilis (Montclair), 1:02.


Lorenzo Caamano (Caldwell) Fall Jack Lebiedzinski (Montclair), 0:20.

Bertan Kurtsoy (Millburn) Fall Sean Harrington (West Orange), 5:47.

Coy Aniche-Farre (Seton Hall Prep) MD Christopher Centeno (Bloomfield), 16-6.

Chris Babcock (Cedar Grove) Fall Riley Walsman (Columbia), 1:11.

Phenol Morlan (Livingston) Fall Samir Sostre (Glen Ridge), 1:53.

Michael Cetrulo (Newark Academy) Dec Connor Harlow (Nutley), 4-3.

Nick Janish (West Essex) Dec Markel Simeon (Irvington), 6-5.

Jake Ferry (Verona) Fall Mozia Mitchell (St. Benedict's Prep), 1:29.


Mike Maglione (West Essex), bye.

Nicholas Mignone (Caldwell) Dec Joel Gonzalez (Verona), 9-7.

Aziah Robinson (Irvington) Fall Will Walsman (Columbia), 4:59.

Jurrod Hughes (East Orange Campus) Fall Robert Kelly (Cedar Grove), 1:51.

Jaiden Mendez (West Orange) Fall Finneas Jones (Montclair), 3: 10.

Estuardo Lopez (Bloomfield) Dec Marcelo Gripi (Newark East Side), 7-4.

Chase Carroll (Seton Hall Prep) Fall Grant Sanders (Millburn), 1:11.

Rory Subarsky (Livingston) Fall Testimon Oladosu (St. Benedict's Prep), 1:05.


Ian Flanagan (Caldwell) Fall Lukas Alexander (Columbia), 3:01.

Sean Vilchez (Nutley) Fall Ethan Alvarenga (West Orange), 3:36.

Kwabena Abrokwa (Newark East Side) Fall Jackson Weiss (Livingston), 1:44.

Damian Torres (Bloomfield) Fall Jake Liloia (Glen Ridge), 0:47.

Carmine Masi (West Essex) Fall Edmund Dakar (Cedar Grove), 3:34.

Evan Surmay (Seton Hall Prep) Fall Clinton Laurenard (Irvington), 1:25.

Facundo Serron (St. Benedict's Prep) Fall Matt Steitz (Verona), 1:39.

Fernando Collado (Belleville) Fall Angel Maldonado (East Orange Campus), 0:38.


Brett Molka (Millburn) Fall Kelsey Romelien (West Orange), 3:46.

Peter Schauer (West Essex) Falll Jarell Spriggins (Barringer), 2:50.

Anthony Cerreto (Seton Hall Prep) Fall Ever Baca (Orange), 4:00.

William Jennings (Nutley) Fall Christian Vasquez (Verona), 1:34.

Ryder Smith (Glen Ridge) Fall Lou Thelemaque (Columbia), 1:25.

Joseph Jean Marie (Livingston) Fall Michael Willis (Cedar Grove), 5:08.

Andrew Fonseca (Caldwell) MD Trevor Frantantoni (Bloomfield), 15-2.

Temuulen Mendbileg (St. Benedict's Prep) Fall Ackley Koutiebou (Irvington), 3:22.


Arthur Rosu (West Orange), bye.

Leandro Brito (Bloomfield) Fall Jadon Mccoy (Orange), 1:36.

Ammar Mahmoud (Nutley) Dec Billy Nicholas (Irvington), 6-5.

Amro Salem (West Essex) Fall Basil Waynick (St. Benedict's Prep), 1:19.

John Johns (Newark East Side), bye

Pedro Moura (Livingston) vs. Alexander Nunez (Barringer)

Jordan Brown-Davis (Montclair) Fall Nick Alexander (Columbia), 1:14.

Clark Rich (Seton Hall Prep), bye.


Rocco Salerno (Seton Hall Prep), bye.

Dermen Clerville (Irvington) Dec Joderson Remys (Orange), 9-3.

Jesse Gibbs (Glen Ridge) Fall Aaron Baez (Barringer), 1:44.

Sterling Fernandez (Belleville) Fall Sam Alcantara (West Orange), 0:48.

Christia Morrice (Cedar Grove), bye.

Kenneth Yu (Caldwell) Fall Miguel De La Fuente (Livingston), 2:18.

Chris Nigro (West Essex) Fall Niref Simpson (Newark Collegiate), 1:03.

Shawn Cartajena (Newark East Side), bye.


Brandon Toranzo (Nutley), bye.

Joshua Schumann (Glen Ridge) Fall Eldin Gashi (West Essex), 5:02.

Jack Tierney (Seton Hall Prep) Fall Alex Henriquez (West Orange), 3:10.

Gabriel McCulloch (Bloomfield) MD Nicholas Endl (Livingston), 9-1.

John Stockelberg (Verona) Fall Alvins Collin (East Orange Campus), 1:12.

Ryan Zamarra (Millburn) Fall Tyler Wint (Irivington), 1:20.

Theo Stewart (Newark Collegiate) Fall Evan Wang (Newark Academy), 1:47.

Nelson Clermont (Montclair) Fall Kelly Nwosu (St. Benedict's Prep), 1:37.

Preliminary Round


Christopher Belcuore (Livingston) Fall Evan Tsang (Verona), 2:00.


Maguelso Pierre (Orange) Fall Marco Quinones (East Orange Campus), 1:47.


Jordan Orland (Caldwell) Fall Elijah Battle (Barringer), 1:04.


Adrian Kim (East Orange Campus) Fall Connor Kerney (Cedar Grove), 5:30.


Nyzairh Williams (Newark Collegiate) Fall Michael Koster (Nutley), 4:39.

Logan Knoetig (Verona) Fall Noah Alequin (Barringer), 1:32.

Ethan Pinilis (Montclair) Fall Franco Russomanno (Belleville), 4:26.


Jack Lebidzinski (Montclair) Fall Zha'kie Allen (Newark Collegiate), 1:52.

Mozia Mitchell (St. Benedict's Prep) Dec Christol Georges (Orange), 6-5.


Lukas Alexander (Columbia) Fall Milo Sedarat (Montclair), 3:00.


Kelsey Romelien (West Orange) MD Natan Da Silva (Newark East Side), 10-2.

Johan Rivas (Belleville) Fall Ackley Koutiebou (Irvington), 1:33.

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