Results of Alabama Recompiled Constitution Ratification Question: Voters say yes to updating the state constitution to remove racist language and fight text bloat

ALabama elections
Getty Images; Insider
  • Alabama's Recompiled Constitution Ratification Question updated the state's constitution.

  • The new constitution removed racist language and reorganize the text.

  • Proponents said the measure will make Alabama a more welcome place.

Alabama voters said "yes" on Alabama's Recompiled Constitution Ratification Question, which ratified an updated state constitution and removed racist and defunct Jim Crow-era language, among other changes. The current state constitution dates to 1901 and now spans more than 400,000 words after hundreds of amendments over the decades.

Polls closed in Alabama at 8 p.m. Eastern Time.


Ballot measure details

Alabama's Recompiled Constitution Ratification Question edited the state's constitution to make it easier to read, deleted repetitive sections, and got rid of outdated laws and racist language.

For example, it removed language that states that marriage between a white and Black person is illegal. It also removed language that states "colored children" are not allowed in white schools.

Support and opposition

There was bipartisan support of Alabama's Recompiled Constitution Ratification Question as well support from the Southern Poverty Law Center.

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