Live Results: Alaska Constitutional Convention Question: Voters will decide on a state constitutional convention

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  • Alaska's Constitutional Convention Question asked voters about hosting a constitutional convention.

  • Supporters argued the convention could be an opportunity to add new rights to the constitution.

  • Opponents argued the convention would be too expensive and potential lead to drastic changes.

A "yes" on the Alaska Constitutional Convention Question would establish a state constitutional convention.


Ballot measure details

The question is an automatic ballot referral, which means it reappears on the ballot every 10 years. The purpose of the convention would be to revise or amend the state's constitution.

Support and opposition

Convention Yes is leading the campaign in support of the question. Supporters argue the convention could be an opportunity to solidify rights outside of the Alaska Supreme Court.

"Our public policy ministry, along with many other groups, will be advocating for Alaskans to vote YES in the November 2022 General Election to hold a Constitutional Convention for three primary reasons: 1.) To remove the Alaska Supreme Court from manufacturing a "right to abortion" in our State Constitution. 2.) To provide for more educational choice for Alaskans. 3.) To implement much-needed judicial reform and create more accountability to a court that has continually abused its authority," Jim Minnery, president of the Alaska Family Council said in a statement.

Defend Our Constitution is leading the opposing campaign. Opponents argue the convention would be expensive and changes would go unchecked.

"We're concerned that a convention, which is not restricted in any way about what kinds of changes could be proposed, could fundamentally alter both our state government structure but tamper with the rights that are guaranteed to all Alaskans in the Constitution," former Juneau Mayor Bruce Botelho told KINY.

The money race

According to Ballotpedia, the measure has attracted more than $21,000 in support contributions and about $30,000 in opposition contributions.

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