I Live in South Korea Where Coronavirus Cases are Rising. Not Much Has Changed

Robert E. Kelly

South Korea now has the second-highest number of cases of the coronavirus in the world. TNI has asked me to comment on what daily life is like under this threat, and I am happy to report that not much has really changed.

First, it is worth noting, per Andray Abrahamian, that because South Korea is an open society with an excellent medical system, you are hearing a lot more about corona here than in closed countries. It goes without saying that should corona strike North Korea, that repressive government will tell us nothing and treat the victims terribly. This is similar to why there are so many rumors about a spiraling epidemic in China. No one trusts the Chinese government or the communist party there. The media is controlled, and there are powerful prestige and foreign investment reasons for the Chinese government to stonewall or lie. The first response of the Soviet Union after the Chernobyl catastrophe of the 1980s was to lie too. No one should be surprised if the situation in China is worse than what we have been told. Kudos to South Korea for its honesty.

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