RECAP: Bucs blow out Eagles 32-9 in Wild Card matchup

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TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA) — It’s all come down to this moment. After clinching their fourth consecutive playoff berth, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers are set to face the Philadelphia Eagles to conclude the Super Wild Card Weekend.

It’s a rematch for both teams after facing off in Week 3, however, that meeting had a much different ending, with the Eagles defeating the Bucs 25-11.

“[The] mindset [is] win and we’re in. We know it’s a must-win for us to get into the playoffs and that’s going to be our mindset, right there,” Bucs’ star safety Antoine Winfield Jr. said.

FINAL: Buccaneers 32 – Eagles 9

5:17: Hurts gets sacked by Bucs’ Gaines for a loss of 7.

5:47: CHRIS GODWIN!! The Bucs put up another touchdown to extend their lead 32-9.

8:54: Mayfield goes deep left to Mike Evans for 19 yards.

9:13: Holding called on Bucs’ Ko Kieft.

9:58: Mayfield goes to Otton for 5 yards.

11:57: Mayfield passes short middle to Payne Durham for 18 yards.

12:06: Elliott’s 40-yard field goal is GOOD, but nullified by a penalty.

12:46: Hurts passes to Swift in the middle for 11 yards.

13:29: False start called on Eagles’ Mailata.

13:46: Hurts passes short right to Goedert for 6 yards. Ineligible Downfield Pass called on Eagles’ Jurgens.

14:24: Swift takes the ball up the middle, but Kancey gets the stop for a 2-yard loss.

14:52: Hurts goes to Smith for 15 yards.

15:00: Hurts starts off the fourth quarter with a deep incomplete pass.

End of the 3rd Quarter: Buccaneers 25 – Eagles 9

0:15: Hurts passes short to Swift for 19 yards.

1:14: Swift goes up the middle for 17 yards.

1:30: TREY PALMER OH MY LORD! Mayfield connects with Palmer for a 56-yard TOUCHDOWN! The extra point is good and the Bucs extend their lead 25-9.

2:28: Hurts passes incomplete short left. Intentional Grounding called on Hurts. Bucs get a safety from the play. Bucs 18, Eagles 9.

2:53: Hurts passes to Goedert for 10 yards.

3:41: LAVONTE DAVID! Eagles’ Gainwell gets the ball and David pushes him back for a 6-yard loss.

4:35: Mayfield gets taken down by Eagles’ Williams for a loss of 9 yards.

6:31: White goes up the middle for 12 yards.

9:21: Hurts throws incomplete short middle to Goedert. Pass Interference called on Bucs’ Tryon-Shoyinka.

10:49: Hurts passes short left to Swift. Bucs’ Jamel Dean is there, and pushes him back for a loss of 4.

12:03: Mayfield gets taken down for a 10-yard loss.

13:31: Mayfield goes to Otton for 11 yards.

13:40: Eagles’ Mann punts 41 yards — downed by Eagles’ Ringo.

14:12: THE ROOKIE! Calijah Kancey takes down Hurts for a loss of 9 yards.

15:00: Camarda kicks 65 yards for a touchback.

End of the 2nd Quarter: Buccaneers 16 – Eagles 9

0:40: Hurts passes to Smith for 13 yards.

0:46: Hurts goes on the run to avoid a sack and throws the ball away.

1:42: Camarda punts 47 yards to PHI 5 – Covey muffs the catch – and recovers at PHI 9 for no gain.

1:52: Mayfield is sacked for a loss of 7 yards. Following the sack, both sides got a little touchy.

2:20: Mayfield to Otton for a 19-yard completion. Eagles’ Julio Jones and former Buc is being evaluated for a concussion.

3:06: Eagles two-point conversion FAILS. Bucs said NO TUSH PUSH in Tampa Bay. Bucs 16, Eagles 9.

3:10: Eagles get their first touchdown of the night with a 5-yard TD pass to Goedert. The extra point is good. Bucs 16, Eagles 9. Defensive offside called on Bucs’ McCollum.

3:54: Hurts slings it downfield to Swift for a 55-yard completion.

4:58: Hurts goes to former Buc Julio Jones for a 14-yard completion.

5:35: Hurts passes incomplete short right to Goedert. Ineligible Downfield Pass called on Eagles’ Jurgens.

5:40: IT’S GOOD! McLaughlin hits a 48-yard field goal to put the Bucs at 16-3.

8:33: Mayfield to Godwin for 9 yards!

9:19: Thompkins runs for 10 yards before going out of bounds.

11:31: Mayfield passes short to Thompkins for 4 yards.

11:35: The Eagles are finally on the board after a 47-yard field goal. Bucs, 13, Eagles 3.

12:21: SACKED! Hurts gets taken down by Joe Tryon-Shoyinka.

13:27: Hurts goes to Smith for 31 yards for a first down.

14:03: Camarda kicks 65 yards for a touchback.

14:08: NAILED IT! McLaughlin hits a 54-yard field goal to extend the lead 13-0.

15:00: Mayfield gets sacked at PHI 41 for a loss of 6 yards.

End of the 1st Quarter: Buccaneer 10 – Eagles 0

1:00: Mayfield goes to Otton for a massive 24-yard completion and a first down.

1:41: White goes up the middle but gets stopped for a loss of 3 yards.

3:46: Mayfield passes short to Edmonds for 8 yards.

4:35: Mann punts 57 yards to TB 11. Deven Thompkins returns it for 13 yards before being taken down.

4:38: Jalen Hurts throws incomplete to Goedert.

5:47: Eagles’ Swift goes up the middle for 3 yards. Bucs’ linebacker Yaya Diaby was injured during the play.

5:47: Camarda punts for a touchback.

5:59: GO BUCS!! David Moore takes the ball to the end zone for a 44-yard Bucs TOUCHDOWN! Bucs lead 10-0.

7:07: Mayfield goes deep right to Moore for 22 yards. Face mask called on Eagles’ Cunningham.

7:07: False start called on Bucs’ WR Trey Palmer.

7:18: Hurts throws incomplete to Goedert, with Antoine Winfield Jr. breaking up the pass.

10:02: Camarda kicks for a touchback.

10:05: BUCS TAKE THE LEAD! Chase McLaughlin nails a 28-yard field goal to give the Bucs a 3-0 lead.

13:40: Rachaad White takes the ball up the middle for a gain of 8 yards.

14:56: Baker Mayfield passes short middle to Otton to TB 40 for 15 yards

15:00: Eagles punt for a touchback to start the game.

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