Livermore Falls sewer projects about $40,000 less than estimated

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Oct. 11—LIVERMORE FALLS — The overall cost of digging up three roads and replacing or repairing sewer lines came in about $40,000 less than was estimated, according to Sewer Superintendent Mark Holt.

Initially, the cost for a section of the job was estimated a couple of years ago at $179,000.

Selectmen gave Holt approval in May to go forward with the project, which he estimated would cost $159,000 to do the work on Cargill, Vine and Searles streets.

The final cost is $119,757 with Livermore Falls' share at $112,652.47 and Jay's share at $7,106, according to Holt's email to Livermore Falls Town Manager Amanda Allen and sewer clerk Doris Austin on Sept. 28.

Jay's cost is for a section of its sewage flow that goes through part of the Vine Street sewer line, Holt said in May. A section of the sewer main on Vine Street was relined.

The money for all three projects will come from the Livermore Falls Sewer Department's collection system funds. The project was not part of the Livermore Falls Wastewater Treatment Plant operation.

Livermore Falls Sewer Department and Public Works Department employees did much of the work with the Sewer Department reimbursing the town for the public works crew time and equipment. According to Holt's information, that expense was $14,780.

The three roads are scheduled to be graded this week and paved next week, weather permitting.

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