Liverpool Fans Protest European Super League at Anfield

Liverpool fans protested the football club’s involvement in the European Super League by changing banners at the Anfield stadium in Liverpool, England, on Monday, April 19.

Twelve teams announced on Sunday that they would be joining the breakaway European Super League competition, according to reports. Another three clubs were projected to join the Super League for a total of 15 founding members.

In response to the announcement, Liverpool fan group Spion Kop 1906 said on Monday it would remove its flags from The Kop at Anfield. The group initially adorned The Kop with flags and banners as a show of support during the pandemic.

“We feel we can no longer give our support to a club which puts financial greed above integrity of the game,” Spion Kop 1906 said on Twitter.

Signage against the European Super League was also placed outside Anfield on Monday. This footage shows a banner that says “LFC fans against European Super League” and a jersey painted with “FSG Out,” referring to Liverpool owners Fenway Sports Group. Credit: Radio City News via Storyful

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