Liverpool tries out live music

Sky's Tom Parmenter visits a music festival in Liverpool, where people are taking tentative steps towards easing lockdown.

Video Transcript

TOM PARMENTER (VOICEOVER): Of course they remember how to do it. It's what everyone in this industry loves-- live music. The bars are prepped, and there's a festival to fire up. No masks and no distancing for the 5,000 ticket holders at Sefton Park in Liverpool, and the indie band Blossoms headlining this latest test event.

- They're doing it in a slow manner-- is why-- you don't want to go back and happens and something happens, and then we have to go back. You know what I mean? 10 steps. I prefer to take this a little bit slowly.

TOM OGDEN: Yeah, we've waited this long now. I think if people-- if they said-- you know, I think at one point we would-- I'd have been willing to wait till next year. If they could have guaranteed we'd be back, so you know, we're not in any rush to just open it too fast. I think it's better to do like Joe said in the way we're doing it now.


TOM PARMENTER (VOICEOVER): This weekend in Liverpool has been a real crowd pleaser. Two nights of clubbing by the docks, and now the festival in the park.

TOM PARMENTER: At the heart of this is, how much does the government want to please the whole crowd across the country by easing lockdown even faster. Liverpool has had a taste of freedom this weekend and unsurprisingly, people have loved it.

- Four of these, please.

JAMIE WALKER: And these are the live scallops from West Dorset.

TOM PARMENTER (VOICEOVER): At this farmer's market in West London, Jamie was just pleased to be selling his scallops from Dorset again. It's been five long months without these customers.

JAMIE WALKER: It means so much because we've got our own boat down in Dorset, you know. We've got all the fixed overheads, which we haven't been able to actually utilize, and we've been ready to go, et cetera, et cetera, but nowhere to actually sell our fish. So to have an outlet back in London, back on stream, is great for us.

- It's really very optimistic, and I feel very good about it. But at the same time, I feel the way we shop and the way we go about our daily things have to change a bit. And we have to be so careful.

- This has changed for a very long time to come now, and I think we will all be conscious of, sort of, how things spread and, you know, where maybe we weren't before.


TOM PARMENTER (VOICEOVER): However busy it gets, everyone is being reminded to keep at it.

PETER OPENSHAW: Things are good. Things are really good, and we mustn't lose all of that ground that's been gained. We have to remember there's still something like 2 and 1/2 thousand people in the UK with COVID-19, and any of those could form the nucleus for a further explosion in cases.

- Yay!

TOM PARMENTER (VOICEOVER): In Liverpool at the center of the experiment, they're just ready for another big night out. Science lessons don't come much better.