'Living in the New Norm' seminar gives information on variety of topics

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Jun. 23—CORBIN — On Tuesday, Baptist Health Corbin partnered with Edward Jones and Bluegrass Care Navigators to provide a free educational seminar called "Living in the New Norm."

The seminar, which has been held via Zoom each month throughout the course of the COVID-19 pandemic on a variety of topics to help people navigate through these strange and difficult times, was held in person at the Corbin Public Library.

Tuesday's topics included the advanced radiation oncology techniques now offered at Baptist Health Corbin, the benefits of hospice care for caregivers and the importance of investing and saving money to prepare for unforeseen events.

Baptist Health Corbin's Dr. Waleed Mourad and Dr. Weisi Yan, both specializing in Radiation Oncology, as well as Brian Powell with Baptist Health Corbin, discussed the new technological advances in the radiology department at the hospital and the different ways they can destroy cancer cells through radiation therapy.

Powell said that when radiation technology first began, it was very simplistic but has since advanced into an array of ways to attack the cancer cells in a person's body. Dr. Mourad and Dr. Yan, who attended via Zoom, discussed those new technologies in length and even showed some of the patients who had been treated at Baptist Health using these new technology.

One community member in attendance voiced how lucky that Corbin and the surrounding area is to have such technology right here at home.

"I give the leaders a lot of credit for thinking proactively years and years ago when they started this program," said Dr. Mourad.

Powell said it's important that this type of radiation technology is available in the area and made more accessible to patients in the Tri-County and hopes that these advancements will also make radiation therapy more tolerable for patients.

"I don't think we've gotten any ground on stopping cancers but we've gained tremendous ground on treating them, living as a cancer survivor," Powell said.

Both Dr. Mourad and Powell said that patients who come through the radiation oncology department are given the best care possible, treating the entire person and following up with them once treatments have ceased.

"It's an experience, not just a treatment," Powell said.

During Tuesday's event, Beth Davis with Edward Jones discussed the importance of being financially ready should an unforeseen event occur. She discussed the importance of knowing how much and where to invest your money, as well as the importance of saving up your money should something come up.

Sarah Bowling with Bluegrass Care Navigators also spoke during Tuesday's seminar where she discussed the importance of hospice care to the caregiver, several misconceptions about hospice care and what kind of care Bluegrass Care Navigators provides to its patients. Bowling also discussed the group of dedicated volunteers at Bluegrass Care Navigators who provide lots of extra support to patients and their caregivers.

Those in attendance in person and via Zoom at Tuesday's seminar had an opportunity to receive several door prizes, as well as ask questions to the event's speakers. Those in attendance were also provided with a free lunch.

The next Living in the New Norm seminar will be held via Zoom on July 20 and will return to an in-person format in August.