'Living Sculpture' artist wearable art to London

STORY: Have you ever seen a 'living sculpture'?

This wearable art was presented by artist Daniel Lismore in London

Location: Victoria and Albert Museum, London

[Daniel Lismore, Artist]

"I'm a living sculpture and today we're at the V&A for Fashion in Motion.”

The 6'4" tall pieces can take anything from two hours to eight months to make

"So imagine your body's a canvas and then you wake up and then you look in the mirror and you start sculpting or painting but you do that with all kinds of objects, like from all over the world, different things, you add details. Then you become the living sculpture. It's kind of following on from Gilbert and George and Marina Abramovic but I'm not a performance artist or a drag queen, so it's, you know, I just live as art."