Lizzo apologizes to Seth Meyers’ dad after jokingly calling him an expletive

Lizzo found the sweetest way to apologize to Seth Meyers’ dad for calling him an expletive in a voicemail.

In December 2022, Lizzo appeared on “Late Night with Seth Meyers” to participate in the show’s “Day Drinking” segment. Amid the chaos of the episode, Meyers gave his dad a call and left him a quick voicemail.

“Hey, Dad. I’m just calling to see if you’re going to be watching the game live tomorrow or on a delay? Also, Lizzo wants to say something,” he said, handing the phone to the singer. To sign off the call, Lizzo screamed “”Bye, b----!” and Meyers hung up the phone immediately.

During an appearance on “Watch What Happens Live” on Jan. 5, Meyers revealed the sweet gesture from Lizzo to his dad, who was also featured on a 2015 “Day Drinking” segment with the host’s brother, Josh Meyers, following the hilarious incident.

“Lizzo—independent of me knowing—reached out to the show, found out my dad’s address,” he explained. “Lizzo sent flowers to my father with a note that said, ‘I’m sorry I called you a b----.’ That is a class act. It was very nice.”

Later, Meyers added, “By the way, my dad is the kind of funny guy where he’d say, ‘I want her address,’ and I’m like, ‘No!’ The joke ends here.”

In the original segment, after Lizzo’s hilarious sign-off, it cut to a clip of Meyers looking concerned on the phone as he left another voicemail for his dad. In the follow up, the late night host explained, “Hey daddy, I’m so sorry about that. Lizzo bullied me into doing into doing it.”

Mid-apology to his dad, Lizzo yelled, “Hey! F--k you! F--k you, Seth!”

“I love you, daddy,” Meyers said, before Lizzo yelled back, “I love you, Mr. Meyers! Merry Christmas!”

Over the years, Meyers has hosted several celebrity guests on his “Day Drinking” segment, including Kelly Clarkson, the Jonas Brothers, Ina Garten, and his dream guest, Rihanna. He even called the moment “the peak of my life” during a March 2022 appearance on TODAY.

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