Lizzo promotes self-love with nude photoshoot: ‘If you love me, you love all of me’

 (Getty Images for American Expres)
(Getty Images for American Expres)

Lizzo has shared photos and videos from a recent nude photoshoot while reminding her fans about the importance of self-love.

Lizzo, 33, recently shared a video from the photoshoot on Instagram, along with a motivational message, in which she urged her followers to love themselves no matter what.

“If you love me… you love all of me,” the caption reads. “You don’t get to pick and choose. We should be unconditionally loving of one another, starting with being unconditionally loving to ourselves.”

The Truth Hurts singer also emphasised that people shouldn’t let anything hold them back from embracing and loving who they are.

“Take a moment today and think about the conditions we hold so tightly to that keep us from the freedom of true love,” the caption continues. “Do you really wanna be so tightly wound? Free yourself in love. You deserve it.”

In the background of the video, Lizzo could be heard singing: “If you love me, you love all of me or none of me at all,” which appear to be lyrics from a yet-to-be-released song.

Lizzo also shared a nude photo in a different Instagram post, with just the word “art”as the caption.

The photoshoot prompted praise from Lizzo’s followers, who applauded the artist in the comments.

“I love that you are showing our youth that body image is a mindset and not what the ads are telling them to look like,” one person wrote. “You be you! You are amazing!”

Another fan said: “You are an amazing human. An amazing woman. Continue influencing the culture being YOUR BEAUTIFUL, LOVING AND PURE self.”

Multiple Instagram users also thanked Lizzo for sharing the message, as well as being so open and honest about self-love.

“I just want to say thank you so much for your transparency in every aspect of yourself and always being true to yourself!” someone else wrote. “Thank you for all the body positive vibes you give to everyone and this one right here hits so personal for me and to see another woman like myself celebrate herself and her beauty openly gives me so much happiness and hope for myself to one day.”

Another fan noted: “You have been and always will be the moment.”

This isn’t Lizzo’s first time discussing the importance of body positivity and self-love. During an interview on CBS News Sunday Morning in 2019, Lizzo noted that in order to improve her self-confidence, she had “to address every layer of insecurity.”

“Cause I can’t just be like: ‘Alright, my arm’s not jiggly and lumpy anymore,’” she said. “That’s delusional. You have to be like:‘That’s not ugly to me anymore. and it’s not wrong to me, it’s beautiful to me.’”