You’ll Never Guess Who Came Back to Life on Fear the Walking Dead

You’ll Never Guess Who Came Back to Life on Fear the Walking Dead
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Madison Clark is back.

Fear the Walking Dead has been renewed and Kim Dickens will return to AMC's hit zombie series. The apocalypse will go with Alicia's (Alycia Debnam-Carey) mother, who we all assumed had been dead since season four after she seemed to sacrifice herself in an explosion.

During Talking Dead's Dec. 5 episode, which followed the series finale of The Walking Dead: World Beyond, it was revealed that Dickens is joining Fear the Walking Dead's seventh season when it returns on April 10 on AMC+ and April 17 on AMC.

This marks the return of the fan favorite character Madison Clark, who appeared in The Walking Dead spin–off's first four seasons.

"If there were a Mt. Deadmore, Kim Dickens' face would be on it," said Scott M. Gimple, chief content officer of The Walking Dead universe. "Madison Clark is a foundational character to TWDU — heroic, complex, an every person who becomes a warrior and then a force of benevolence. Kim Dickens' raw talent, strength, and brilliance will electrify TWDU once more and we couldn't be luckier to have her back."

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In addition to Dickens' return, Fear the Walking Dead also dropped a trailer for part two of season seven.

In the clip, months have passed after the nuclear blast and the only one standing strong is Victor Strand (Colman Domingo). Alicia is now hesitantly leading Teddy's former followers. Doing the best she can, she also has to fight off a strange illness that plagues her body. Alicia declares war as new threats emerge from all sides.

Kim Dickens, Fear the Walking Dead
Richard Foreman, Jr/AMC

"You have your army," Victor declares. "I have mine."

Be sure to tune in April 10 on AMC+ and April 17 on AMC.

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