Local alumni association donates culturally appropriate dolls to Onslow Christmas Cheer

The Georgetown High School Alumni Association gave a special donation to Onslow Christmas Cheer Tuesday morning.
The Georgetown High School Alumni Association gave a special donation to Onslow Christmas Cheer Tuesday morning.

As Onslow County Christmas Cheer struggles with a lack of donations and stock this year, a local association is doing their part to help.

Onslow Christmas Cheer received a special donation from the Georgetown High School Alumni Association Tuesday morning, according to a news release from Onslow Community Outreach. The release added the association has provided significant contributions to Christmas Cheer over the years.

Christmas Cheer, which has been operating for more than 50 years, helps families in need with gifts and food for the holidays. However, this year, there have been fewer donations and toys have been harder to find and purchase, the release said.

The Georgetown High School Alumni Association donated 120 culturally appropriate dolls Tuesday morning, which will go a long way in easing the struggle to find toys.

Georgetown High School was the last segregated high school in Onslow County, the release explained, and those who attended the school have maintained a strong presence in the area.

"The Alumni Association not only tells the story of their special school, but also has provided significant resources for the community and alumni, and their families have prominent roles in the community," the release said.

If you're in need of Christmas Cheer assistance this year, volunteers will be taking applications on Friday from 2 p.m. to 7 p.m. at 1210 Hargett Street in Jacksonville.

Christmas Cheer is a needs-based program that evaluates the needs of families. Those with demonstrated needs are allowed to select items for their children.

Primarily, the release said, the program provides toys for children up to age 12, food for the family, and as available, items for any children 13-18 in the family. Families applying should bring identification, proof of address such as a utility bill, demonstration of income, social security numbers for everyone in the family and a statement about why Christmas is difficult.

If you'd like to donate to Christmas Cheer, there is a special need for funds to help purchase bulk food, the release said, adding the program depends on donors to help bring and purchase toys and to help acquire the food to be given away.

"Christmas Cheer is more than 50 years old, having been formed by ministers who wanted to avoid duplication and to provide an opportunity for their congregations to help needy children receive a gift to demonstrate the purpose of Christmas giving," the release said. "Today, the program works with Onslow Social Services and other organizations to provide assistance to more than 5,000 persons each year, with the large majority being children."

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